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RF-7II Owners Thread


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Just moved them quick this morning , I didnt try and make it all pretty I will do that once I know if its staying this way .

I put the subs on the side , and I think if it stays this way I will leave them on the side , so I can just slide them out easy

if I need to get in back of the rack


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this is the biggest negative i find with the rf-7's, the fact that they are so big and their soundstage so large that they have to have a decent distance apart to breathe and create a more fluid soundstage. It has helped me come to the conclusion that the rf-82's are the largest most people need while keeping vesitility of placement, sound quality and performance. I will say though, the soundstage the rf-7's produce during movies is incomparable to the rf-82's, the magnitude just isnt there.

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I didnt wat to tell anyone this , because I didnt want to look like a wimp . I read all these storys about moving these VTF-15H subs

and I just laughed thinking what a bunch of wimps then mine showed up no big deal I slid it down the stairs while it was in the box

flipped the box over and unpacked it , now Pete from HSU told me it is best to put large towel under the sub and pull the sub to the spot you want it .

Okay that worked great until I got in the corner then I had to get behind it and use 1 arm and like curl it and pull all of a sudden I heard a loud tear in my

arm then came the pain and then my arm turned purple and I couldnt move it , off I went to the hospital and guess what I tore my bicep well after 2 weeks it got better

and I was moving my daughter and I had to carry a large tv down the stairs and I tore it again , next week I go in I might need to have my arm opened up .

Lesson dont curl a 100 pound plus sub with one arm .

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Vol=9:00 / phase=0deg. / Eq#2 / Q. Control .5 / Crossover freq 80 / Switch = Out


I know mine sounded really bad with my Switch set to OUT..

and when I ran Audyssey I set my Vol=to 9:00 but over time I moved it to 11:00.

And I only use my sub for HT.

My L and R RF-7II are set at 40Hz

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I guess Im looking for to much , I want to feel it during a movie like hit you in the chest type of feeling .

That's not too much to ask with those subs. I can feel certain frequencies at a high volume in my chest with my WF-35s, no sub. If you get your speaker placement correct in your room, you'll feel it.

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I moved them did you see pic

I did see that and I am anxiously awaiting a review! It may or may not make a difference depending on your room. I'm not sure what laying the subs on the side will do. My initial thought is that they will not produce as much bass, but I've never tried it, so what do I know?

I hope you didn't reinjur your arm in the move!!! [:'(]

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