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Cigar smoking attendees

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I'm on the same list with you, but bourbon , to me, is better with a cigar.


Hey, I am an equal opportunity lush...

You bring the best you've got and I'll bring some Balvenie Double Oak and Edradour. On the American whiskey front, I just discovered the 107 proof Weller which is a STEAL. Having moonshiners on my mother's side of the family I much prefer American whiskies of at least a hundred proof. My relatives sold everything below 120 and drank the rest...


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Every time I see this thread I want a fat one, so Alec Bradley it is........

Oh...you mean a cigar.


Yeah, I just knew someone was going to go there, believe me, 30 years ago I smoked what I thought was great weed, would never have thought they have strains that make you see things, kinda glad I don't need to worry about those things anymore.

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OK, I'm coming. I'm bringing...

A battery-powered T-Amp.

Frazier Black Box II speakers.

25 shots of Weller 12 whiskey.

A couple of ounces of Heroes of the Alamo pipe tobacco (from Hill Country Humidor in San Marcos Texas).

Some pre-recorded music of some sort.

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