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International Quiz of this Weekend


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cwm15.gif Qu'a suivi Liberte, Fraternité et Egalité.. Le sud de la Frontière?

cwm27.gif ¡Cinco de Mayo!

Hmmm, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am going to celebrate my 64th birthday with a glass of Dom Perignon and a plate of fajitas con cabrito... with a dash of Choulula -HornED

PS: Choulula is a Mexican hot cwm23.gif sauce from the State of Puebla where the battle for Mexican Independence from the French was fought.

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Congrats on the B-Day, the meal sounds great. It's odd that there is another hot sauce named Cholula made in the State of Jalisco; it's the one with the wooden top I'm sure most people have seen. Not very hot, but has a wonderful taste. I'm not familiar with these quizes, so what are we supposed to do? I know what Cinco de Mayo is but don't have a clue on the first one.

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The "quiz" is really supposed to be rhetorical humor. After the French Revolution the French motto is "Liberty, Fraternity and Equality." Napoleon Bonaparte placed a French relative on the Mexican throne (Emperor Maxamillian) who was soundly defeated by a popular revolt in the Battle of Puebla.

The French question means, "What followed Liberty, Fraternity and Equality South of the Border?

The Spanish answer reads,"The Fifth of May"... which is looked upon as Independence Day by many people with a Mexican Heritage. In essence, the Mexican people did not find that they had the benefits of the imported liberty, fraternity, and equality and so they followed it with revolt.

Since I lived for years in France and have traveled to Mexico many times over the years... I have an affection for both countries.

As for the Hot Sauce issue, Cholula Hot Sauce is the popular commercial brand made in the State of Jalisco. Choulula (with an extra "u") is the name of a town in the State of Puebla where I discovered a truly delightful (and hotter) hot sauce... without a wooden top... but is a terrific incentive to quaff the local brew!

Thanks for the good wishes... I guess I will accept the event rather than the alternative. -HornED

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thanks for the info ed. yea choulula to me is like ketchup to others. at a young age i was weaned on tabasco in place of ketchup & have been looking for that bigger high for hotness ever since. now i can't eat anything w/o hot sauce on it, well except for certain things like sweets. Smile.gif


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Happy B-Day!

Mine is August 2, turning 18, you can send me presents now though if you want Smile.gif J/k



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Originally posted by justin_tx_16:

Mine is August 2, turning 18, you can send me presents now though if you want

Ya right. Sounds like your parents have more money than all of us put together. You're the one who should be giving the presents. cwm27.gif

Oh and Happy Birthday Ed.


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s-cowboy, i just checked & actually those i now have are Dave's Ultimate Insanity & Da Bomb. Heard dick's private reserve is even hotter but his ultimate is more

hot than the da bomb. yea those resins. cwm35.gif

i got those from that pyropepper site above. they have

many including jerry's gas. thanks for the tip. Smile.gif

they even have measurements for them - scoville units.

over 100,000 look out. some are up in the millions. cwm23.gif

it's crazy. Smile.gif


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Happy Birthday Horn! Now you sip that fime glass slowely and savor every bit of it...A toast to you my friend!


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