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Monoprice Cables?


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Per my other posts, I bought a QSC GX5 to power my CF3 Klipsches. I'm thinking about switching to a Peavey IPR series (not sure which one). Anyway, it does not have RCA inputs for my receiver/preamp.

Monoprice sells adapter cables that look really good but are VERY cheaply priced. So what's the deal with them? Are they junk?

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Bought cables from there recently and i was super pleased with them. They were super cheap (shipping to Canada ended up costing more than all the cables i ordered) but i used them to replace a simple connection from my computer to RCA and it was a night and day noticeable improvement over the ones i was currently using. From my experience, i would for sure recommend them.

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Got a few XLR and RCA cables from them also, the quality appears better than you would think for the price. Also bought some bulk 100' rolls of #14 speaker wire from them at about 1/2 the price of local and it was as good or better than any locally.

I would also recommend them also.

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I wonder every time I get an order from them how they can sell such good quality cable so damn cheap, My favorite deals so far are a 50ft HDMI cable for around $30, and a 65ft USB cable for around $25. Both are way better than anything I could buy locally. Last time I visited Radio Shack they wanted over $50 for a 6ft HDMI cable, and it was no where near the quality of the Monoprice one.

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Last time I visited Radio Shack they wanted over $50 for a 6ft HDMI cable, and it was no where near the quality of the Monoprice one.

And they cover a whole range of stuff.

I just finished my FLAC server and needed to run a digital signal from a PC sound card to the downstairs receiver. Insteaxd of running cable, I thought I'd use the RG-59 calble already in place for now unused cable TV. I needed F-RCA adapters. I looked the price at Radio Shack and the were $8... each!

As a protest, there was no way I was paying close to $20 after taxes just for instant gratification. I went online and monoprice had them for around $0.73 each. Shipping and handling added up to a total cost of $4, shipped to Canada! So that was my smallest order yet from them!

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I do feel kind of bad not supporting a local merchant, but at the same time it seems that Radio Shack offers too many overpriced and poorly made products. I am lucky though, I live only about a 20-25 min. drive from Parts Express. They are almost as good as Monoprice for cables, and have a lot of speaker and pro sound related items as well.

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i dont really believe in all of the mystical voodoo either. My biggest thing is to get some quality that is tactile with a product. I think that overall their products are good quality and get the job done. However, i feel that some of their rca connectors could be a bit more refined. I think their HDMI cords are good quality, the professional line of HDMI is just toooooooo thick, the regular ones are great. I also dont like the banana plugs they have, i have them and they are meh in quality.

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I’m a fan of Monoprice. I have yet to be disappointed with their products or their customer service. In over a couple of dozen orders I’ve only had one problem and they shipped out a replacement immediately. Good people and good products.

A couple of months ago I had this conversation with an unnamed family member (UFM):

Ring… Ring… "Hello"
UFM: “Hey this is UFM. Do you happen to have a spare HDMI cable in your collection?”
Me: “Sure… How long do you need?”
UFM: “Oh I don’t know. Six feet should be long enough.”
Me: “No problem dude I’ve got one for you.”
UFM: “How much?”
Me: “I get them pretty cheap. 5 or 6 bucks should cover it”
UFM: “ No… I want a GOOD cable not some piece of #$%^”
Me: “Hey… Trust me. What I have will work just fine.”
UFM: “OK… Thanks anyway. I’ll just pick one up at Best Buy.”
Me: “You’re making an expensive mistake.”
UFM: “Yea maybe… We’ll see… Later”

About 2 weeks later I go over to UFM’s house for some kind of “family” gathering. Just to be a consummate smart@$$ I brought one of my Monoprice HDMI cables with me. During the ensuing conversation I asked him about his BB HDMI cable. Yep… Sure enough… He plunked down over $100 for a “top of the line” Monster HDMI cable.

Still wanting to be the consummate smart@$$ I told him that I had brought along my 6 buck cable and asked if he’d like to compare them. “Sure” he says. From the smile on his face I’m sure that he was looking forward to showing me just how inferior the Monoprice cable was.

Well an hour or so and a few cable swaps later all he could say was “well son of a #$%^&… I’m a ~!#$%^& idiot for spending that much money. Who knew?” UMMM... I did.

I’m not right very often but I love it when I am. For the record I have more than 100' of Monoprice HDMI cables strung around my house. All terminating in a 1X4 HDMI splitter (also Monoprice) and it all works great.

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it can't be any good....looks like regular lamp cord...you need something like Z2 wire with the fishing line in the middle of it...I think the idea is if you get tired of using it for audio...you can go tuna fishing with it and shock the fish with the multiple gauge wires.

  • Time Correct® multiple gauge wire networks for increased clarity.
  • PEX™ dielectric for lower noise floor.
  • MultiTwist™ construction for improved reproduction of inner detail.
  • Magnetic Flux Tube® for more natural music reproduction.


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I have spent somewhere around 200-300 dollars worth of items ranging from speaker wires, to rca to XLR, to hdmi, to cat 6 (the price between cat 6 and cat5e was negliable), to cellphone chargers, to rca connectors, optical cables, binding posts, laptop coolers, etc. Never ever had one problem.

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[Y]Count me in too. All around very nice product and a great website just like PE....only hiccup I've run across in a few instances is the jacketing on their RCA cables is fairly grippy (the trade-off for their flexibility) , which had made snaking runs, longer than a couple feet in tight spaces, a little more difficult than it could be.

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...........I also dont like the banana plugs they have, i have them and they are meh in quality.

Check out these plugs from Sewell Direct



I tried both sets. They are very tight on my KG2.5/1.5 speakers. I liked the Silver back much better. They have two set screws in the plug end and you don't have to have the barrel on the plug first. The barrel slides over the plug and then screws in place.

If you need a bunch of bananas, the same style is sold on eBay but with Nakamichi labels on the barrels. They haveto be the same identical plug as the Sewells.


^^ 50 pack of plugs for $33 isn't too bad.

Hope this helps you out.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Nakamichi-Speaker-banana-plug-connector-24K-Gold-USA-/300508068167?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45f7ad3947' title="Nakamichi Banana Plugs">
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