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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Great documentary with lots of never-before-seen concert footage. Giles Martin (the late Sir George Martin's son) was in charge of the music, so the sound quality is amazingly good, all things considered. The disc of extras is like getting a second movie, with all-different material that's just as good as the main movie.


If you're a Beatle fan this is NOT TO BE MISSED.




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An extremely well done you-are-there account of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the 3 days that followed, as told from the perspectives of 1) the doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital (where Kennedy and Oswald were both taken), 2) Abraham Zapruder (who shot the famous film of the assassination), 3) Robert Oswald (brother of Lee Harvey) and 4) the Dallas bureaus of the FBI and Secret Service. Features terrific performances by James Badge Dale (as Robert Oswald), Paul Giamatti (as Zapruder) and Zac Efron (!) as an ER doctor. The film sticks strictly with the facts of those 4 days from those 4 points-of-view, and stays away from any conspiracy theory territory. A warning to those with young children: This is, after all, a film about 2 murders, and it is unflinching at showing their graphic results without being gratuitous.

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I remember hearing the reviews not being good for this, and people who liked the old ones were especially upset.  Well, I was one of those folks who grew up with the originals. I recently rewatched the originals.  They are horrible, unwatchanble with the exception of some great humor from Bill Murray and the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man :)  Anyone who says they loved the originals did -- but hasn't watched them again recently.  They are unwatchable...you watch that part on the roof again with SIgourney and all the ridiculous talk to the big bad guy...ugh


Which brings us to the newly made Ghostbusters.  First of all, the humor is really good.  Due to improved special effects, it is a bit scarier than the originals.  My family was cringing at many scenes.  This was due, imo, to the incredible dynamic sound that was in the surround of this movie.


I dare anyone with a great HT to put in the first opening scene of this movie and crank it to reference and then come back and tell me they can think of a more impressive dynamic effect than that.   The whole movie is interspersed with incredible, dynamic blasts like that which are truly a treat.  Those moments where you remember why you have surround sound and marvel what it can do.   A rare movie that has so much dynamics in the surrounds that the rear of the theater is louder in many cases.


In the end, another silly movie, likely good for about 2-1/2 stars.   Much better than many reviews, and imo, much better than G1 and G2.  And yes, the marshmallow man does make a cameo :)


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