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Rf 83s and rc 64


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Don't you have the 83's listed on eBay for considerably less?

Hey, please use the PM feature if you have a price concern.[:|]

I thought we took care of other members

Most do most of the time but it is not a requirement on this forum to give members a deal.[:o] Besides, he did say he would consider offers.[Y]


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I put the starting bid at 650 for the RC 64 and starting bid at 900 for the RF83 I wanted to get a little more than 900 for the towers so I put a buy it now for 1100. But I meant to post 1100 on here too not 1400 (sorry about that typing from the phone has its disadvantages.) I had a few offers on ebay for 750 buy it now for the RC-64 Center and a few buy it now offers for 1000 for the 83. I am taking offers so please let me know what you would consider a deal for them. Thanks.

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Thanks Youthman. I sold the RF-83s for 1100 and the RC-64 for 700.

I opted to buy 3 KL-650s which Im mounting on the angled ceiling above the Elite TV and above where the RB-81s where if you can picture it. Will be very theater like having the 3 Channels mounted evenly above the display. I dropped the TV down about 4 inches and im going to be hunting a pair of Towers that Ill use separately from this system for music. Will keep this theater room for movies only since the 650s arent the most musical speakers.

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Meh I dont know about congrats. I will miss them. They were great speakers but for a cinema room I think the KL-650s will better suit the movie room especially with being mounted/suspended on the same angled plane just above the screen its going to sound and look more cinema like and professional. Gotta have the room painted a dark charcoal color to blend with my now 7 acoustic panels and 2 bass traps. I will photograph the room when it is all complete. I will be in the market for 2 Mains/towers for music downstairs not sure what to go with maybe 2 LaScallas but right now not in the budget between 3 KL-650s the New Anthem amp, 4 KW 120s 2 KA-1000s and a new Monster HTS7000 UPS the wife would kill me if I bought 2 LaScallas but they are the next step maybe during the summer.

Any suggestions on some great Musical Mains for the living room downstairs?

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pgraded the theater room substantially,

Sold RF-83 Mains, RC-64 Center, RB-81ii Book Shelves and Upgraded to Klipsch KL-650 THX speakers. Mounting all on the wall/ceiling.

Upgraded to Anthem A5 Amplifier using the Pioneer Elite SC-55 as Preamp with Audioquest Quartz Interconnects, Upgraded all speaker wire to Audioquest Gibraltor 72 DBS system and Audioquest Sub 3 Y connect 72 DBS to both Klipsch KA-1000 Sub Amps.

Added 10 ATS acoustic panels and ATS Bass Trap

Added Monster HTS 7000MKii Refernce power center for Anthem Amp

Added Monster HTUPS 3700 UPS for Anthem Amp and Pio elite

Added Monster HTUPS 2700 UPS for Dual KA-1000s

Still Running Klipsch RS-62 Surrounds and 4 KW-120 THX subs.

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