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SOLD - 1993 Forte II in Oak Clear Finish with Original Boxes - SOLD


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I'm in the process of putting together a 2ch setup and have decided to use my B&W DM604 S3's and sell my Forte II's. The Forte II's sound great but my ears prefer the sound of the B&W's.

Condition: Overall, they are in fantastic condition, no dents, dings, scratches. Badges are intact, no rips/tears in grill cloth. I have the original boxes and they have Consecutive Serial numbers. I have not meticulously looked over every inch of the speakers but the only thing I can see is a few small circles on top of one of the speakers (see pics below).

Pickup only.



























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Why Not Use Both?!!!

I would have no problem keeping both but I don't "need" two pair of speakers when the B&K provides the sound I am looking for and they look better. I've never been real fond of the "old school" style of the heritage speakers. When I first came to the forums, I pretty much thought they were ugly. Over the past several years, I can now appreciate them but they still look "dated" whereas the Reference speakers have a more modern, up to date style to them.

Why Not Use Both?!!!

I got this one for you Youth....lol


You got it joker. [:D] Thanks. Yes, if you read the first post of this thread, you will see that we both prefer the look of the thinner speakers. Also, if the B&W sound better and have the style we prefer, why keep
the Forte II's if they do not provide any sonic or cosmetic benefit
over the Forte II's?

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It seems as if the buyers market for these speakers is pretty small in Florida judging by the number of sweet deals you guys are finding in that state. Also, noting that you're probably the top/fastest buyer of Klipsch equipment in Florida, I have a suggestion for you to get these sold quick (see where I'm going here :).....Wait for it.....Send a link of this for sale ad.... to yourself. Sounds crazy, believe I know. But it's win/win. You already know that the seller is a stand up guy and not misrepresenting anything. Plus...Travel time to acquire these gems = Zero. Money spent = Zero. Permanent title status of "Quickest draw in Florida, for Klipsch for sale" = Done and Done. Oh, and this is another bump for your sale. Best of luck moving these babies :)

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