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FS: Mcintosh c2300 tube preamp SOLD


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Bought from blister8160 of the forum in 05/2013. He was the first owner and bought it brand new in 06/2012 at Magnolia Audio/Video in the Ft. Worth, TX. It looked like new when I got it and it still does to my eyes. I'll go with near mint to be safe. Can't find a flaw on it. Have original stellar packing, remote, manual. All original. Never tampered with. Got a good deal from Randy and I'm passing that on to a forum member. $3750 plus shipping/insurance and paypal fee if you choose to pay that way. Shifting some financial priorities around. Check around on some sites and compare this price.

This unit works great with Klipsch speakers not only because of the smooth, clear sound and dead quiet operation, but also because the volume control on the remote. It has 99 steps I believe, very small increments which is a must with high sensitivity speakers. Been using it with a mc2105 and my khorns. Go to the McIntosh site and read all about it. Full function preamp including great mm/mc phono stage and a full function remote. Beautiful piece. Pictures don't do it justice.

I have a photocopy of the actual original receipt in an email attachment.






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