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Frustrated and a Little Fearful


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Something I don't understand.

Protest the non-audio content on the audio board -- then commit hundreds of keystrokes for posts in the non-audio thread.

As far as reading anything in an active debate goes, one should simply eat the meat and spit out the bones.

People are taking all this WAY to seriously.

If you don't like it, don't participate. If you do like it -- than at least show some decency and courtesy.

If it is not possible for you to do this -- than confine your arguments and flames to private email, instead of subjecting the rest of us to low-budget posts.

This message has been edited by deang on 07-21-2002 at 09:55 AM

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Deanang again you need to come down from the mount because the air is to thin for you up there. LOL Wink.gif But Congrats on your Converting from a Libby Preacher to a Conservative Minister of Truth. But if you make your bed sleep then in it , or move on to Audio talk. Wink.gif


Go Forth and Hump the World

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I don't know about the peanut butter schmear, deang, but I do know that the total weight of the steel in the Eiffel Tower is LESS than the weight of the air contained in a rectangle described by its base and its height... and it is the only major construction about which that can be said.

However, this Forum is also somewhat unique in that all the off-topic hot air (or cold) does not outweigh the solid audio related inquires or volumes of caring concern for one another.

I agree with mdeneen and others who hold that knowing a little more about fellow Forum members outside of audio contributes a lot more to understanding where they are coming from when they speak of audio.

Off topic discussions have led to far more Forum friendships than they have enemies. They have provided a basis for "inside" humor that personalizes content in a succinct and insightful way. Such interaction has led to a greater interest and more elaborate responses to audio questions posted on this Forum and by supplementary email. Like cluless, such Klipsch camaraderie has caused me to buy far more new and used Klipsch upgrades!

Given the length, breadth and depth of off topic discussions that I have followed, it is remarkable how diverse opinions have been and how tolerant most Forum members are. There seems to be quite a non-audio learning experience that has opened more than a few eyes. Being able to take the risk of exposing ones views on religion, politics, the economy and general business practices has, in the main, brightened this Forum, IMHO.

From what I can tell, PWK was a fair minded person who would take the time to listen to a well-reasoned opinion about a great number of things... and it is fitting that his namesake corporation have a facility for such meaningful dialogue.

And, yes, John Warren, I would like to see more posts on horn-loaded theory and practice... as there used to be. But, then again, I did enjoy your participation in the "off topic" movie quizzes too.

Free, open, spirited discussions have, so far, made this Forum stand out and retain posters longer than I would have expected for an audio based web site. We deserve to give ourselves a hand... and also one for the company that continues to make this Forum possible. -HornED

PS: It is amazing how much can be learned on this Forum when you keep your ears up, your nose clean, and your flame on simmer.

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Ed, I have to disagree. I have not been coming to this forum over these last few years to hear someones opinion about politics/religion etc...

I could care less!!!!!!!!!!! I'll type that into the Google search if thats how I want to piss away the day.

I do think a little bit too much effort is being put in to these topics here.

Too bad really.......................



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As a lurker on this forum and an active member of another forum (Polk) I just wanted to throw out my comment on this subject.

I agree with HornEd that the off topic things do not detract or lessen the quality of the audio related info. In fact, I'd say that there are more knowledgable folks that frequent this board than most others out there. Good on ya!

Obviously, with so many different kind of folks, there is bound to be friction but if we all agreed on everything, frankly, the world would be boring. I honestly feel as we respect each others points of view and keep it reasonably civil, I don't see the problem. Added to that, if you don't like a post or a subject, ignore it. Having said that, the animosity and BS can get out of hand. It's happened over at the Polk forum and has run off some pretty quality folks, like deang. So I would implore you to treat each other as you would like to be treated

Lastly, it's the personal interaction that makes these boards so cool. You wind up making friends and so on that otherwise probably wouldn't ever occur.

just my .02


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The eels really aren't so bad, you'll get used to them after awhile...I still have a problem with the bats and reptiles though..cwm29.gif

Perhaps, this thread needs to be re-titled as.


This message has been edited by cluless on 07-23-2002 at 07:22 PM

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I liked he thought "if you do not like the thread read something else". There is plenty of audio stuff to read.

95% of the forum content is audio related and none of the webmasters have advised us we have run them out of hard drive space or bandwidth.

I am "way" right in my political bent.

-parents only bought me one bike

-had a paper route for 6 years as a kid

-none of my first 3 cars cost over $ 350; worked on them at least every month

Rarely has anyone given me anything unless I worked for it.

I like to hear people from the left because i am somewhat callous to left wing type "give aways".

I am sure some people are in dire need of help but I think in many cases they could help themselves. I am a product of my environment.

The poltical bent of the forum participants adds that depth or third dimension to their comments as "deang" referred to. Most times it is a positive.

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