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Frustrated and a Little Fearful


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What the hello is going on in this forum lately??c>s>

This board is about Klipsch speakers,audio and related topics. Lately it seems that the vast majority of the posts have been dedicated to religion and politics and Driveby Dissing!!

A Word of Warning I was a member of an extremely successful forum dealing with computer issues that was literally destroyed by that kind of B.S. Some of you may remember NoWonder.com

The site had a Topic area for "All Things Non-Technical" which was unfortunately hijacked by wackos on the extremes of the political and religious spectra and the end result was that the owners of the site finally closed down the entire site. What worries me as a Klipsch Forum devotee is that I am seeing the same level of nastiness and intolerance beginning to predominate in many of the posts on this board. Not only are members assaulting each other in "General Questions" but our members are jumping on each other all over the board.

Klipsch will likely continue to tolerate this forum even if the company can see little if any direct financial benefit owing to our existence. On the other hand should anyone in the upper ranks of Klipsch see this board as being a negative reflection of the type of people who buy and use Klipsch product we WILL be history.

Let's not kid ourselves. The removal of the forum link and/or the dissolution of the forum would go unnoticed and unmourned by most visitors. We would be the ultimate losers.

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You could very well be right. In any event, it's not worth the risk. So...we all should try to keep it about klipsch, Aragon, and audio in general. After all, there is certainly no shortage of forums on the net devoted to religion and politics.



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I think once the economy and whatnot get back on track that this will no longer be an issue. Seems that is was sparked it. From 9-11 mostly.



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I tend to enjoy these wide ranging discussions - it is certainly eye-opening to see other people's opinions and beliefs but I would concur that this route can lead to serious problems on a discussion board.

If you take a look at audio-review the place is a mess - almost dead. The trolls have taken over completely and there are almost no posts relating to audio anymore.

I am saddened by this as that was the first audio-board I ever registered with (about a week before this one) and, at the time, it was a really good source of information.

Now it is total dross and I have stopped posting there altogether.

I think ocasional truely off-topic posts can be fun - as long as they are the exception rather than the rule.


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Reading the non-audio related posts over the last few days has made me reconsider my decision to even re-enter this place.

Besides a very few reasonably informed patrons, it's WORSE than the dreck you hear on bad Talk Radio or insipid morning TV Talk shows. It's like wandering into a Wal-Mart or SAMs looking for an enlightening discussion on the Mideast or any other complex or sensitive issue.

The mediocre, uninformed, and narrow minded hold camp and beat you like a tin drum with a stout, midwest grown, oak club.

God, No taxes, America the Beautiful, Might is right, and Love it or Leave it mix with an amazingly robust intolerance and lack of awareness of the complexities of most issues. This kind of mix is painful at best. Unfortunately, it is also the building block for most forums across the internet, regardless of topic.


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Now come on Kelly it is not as bad as all that.

At least there is no gun play on a discussion forum!

So, there are people on this forum that hold views I am diametrically opposed to, so the veneer of civilized exchange of views is sometimes microns thick it doesnt really matter all that much.

We come together sharing a single commonality in our ideologies - that of horn loaded speakers from Hope (good name).

If you object to the other stuff - ignore it, if you dont - chime in, but don't for heavens sake take all that knowledge of yours off into a corner again. How else are we going to learn about the latest and greatest in tubes and cornwalls.

BTW - Arco has just finished bench testing his new SET creation. I dont know much about it except it has a massive 1.5 watts of power and weighs in at a mere 120 lbs!!

Hopefully he will get on and let as all know - now that has got to be worth hanging around for!

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It seems to me that we can be civilized, for the most part, when discussing the difference between the Heritage and the Reference series. There are those that loose civility when discussion of politics or religion come into play. That is why I choose to stay out of those topics and reply to the ones that won't get me shot for my beliefs. I do believe in taking a stand for what one believs in, but not at the expense at becoming less human\humane.

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I pray that I have not offended anyone or given the impression I am a small minded person. I try to put some thought into my posts, and try to present my position with as much tact as possible.

I think we are all guilty of getting a little torqued from time to time, the important thing is that we keep it all in perspective.

I guess I want to believe that everyone on this board is different, a cut or two above all the other folks out there. Regardless of our differences, I don't believe anyone here would want to see harm come to any forum member. Isn't that what it's all about?

I can't help it that Christians and Conservatives have been stereotyped as jack-booted fascists, any more than you liberals can help being stereotyped as spineless and amoral. We should be smarter than this.

This forum has such a diversity of people regarding age (maturity level), experience, and knowledge. This should be kept at the forefront of thought when reading posts.

I'm O.K. with off topic discussion. I enjoy quite a bit. I especially enjoy being disagreed with. I rarely learn anything from people I always agree with. What I do wish is that people who disagree with me, present arguments based on reason and information -- instead of emotionalism expressed using snide remarks and subtle personal attacks.

In the end, I think lynnm is right. It's better just to stick to audio.




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I try to avoid non-audio related posts.

I do enjoy reading most of them but that's not the reason I enjoy this site.

I find this site to be a well of information that is ripe for the tapping. I learn something new almost everyday around here. Knowledge and wisdom found here isn't easy to come by.

The little I know fails in comparison to some that frequent this site.

I'm really into audio and most audio related things. It is facinating to me. I'm looking forward to learning more.

I hope that things that are going on around this site don't bring forth it's demise.

I would miss it greatly.

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Not going to mention the dining room or the basement set. Just leftovers i couldn't part with so i set up. If i could figure out how to put all this crap on to an attacment, I would apply it to more posts. Takes to long to type every time.LOL.

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I'm probably guilty of creating some of the "off topic" posts that lynnm is referring to.

If that's creating a problem, I'll try to keep focused on just responding to questions about audio. I find it difficult to do that simply because this board is just about the only place I know where I can have intelligent, and thought provoking, discourse with people who are by and large reasonably intelligent, bright, and share similar passions about some of the things I care about. If you're sitting around a campfire with a bunch of good friends, it's hard to bound the conversation to the topics of the fishing or hunting trip, or whatever it is that brought you there. It's only natural that people who enjoy each other's company tend to wander off into discussions about poloitics, the economy, religion, cars, girls, boys and occationally La Grange transformations.

I've always enjoyed that aspect of this board.



Music is art

Audio is engineering

Ray's Music System

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This BB has gotten huge over the years. A lot more members and still, most are very nice & helpful. Although the topics veer off a bit these days, still not too bad for the amount of members here.

I DO wish that "one" thread would fizzle away like a bad fart though!

Take care all............


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I too am guilty of creating some+ off-topic disscussions, but to defent myself, when you see:

What do you think about Isreal?

You can keep going.

Also, I do not carry issues to OTHER POSTS. I/we may have a heated disscussion about a topic, but I leave my feelings about non-Klipsch issues in the non-Klipsch posts, and when I am working a Klipsch/audio post, I do not bring in other issues or try to start somthing in a real, audio-related post.

I agree, maybe there is too much off topic posting, but how about this:


As a new topic. If you wish, you would NEVER have to see it, if you are interested in it, you can play in their.

I think the problem would go away over night if we had a new category for anything.

Figure, the problem isn't going to go away, but it would be quick, easy, and free to solve.

Anyone agree?


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Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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From my impression of Klipsch and PWK in particular I have one observation: Klipsch are fun speakers- not serious egg-head speakers. The whole "BS" comments of PWK make me believe that he would think a lot of us are taking ourselves to seriously. I never met the man, so I can't be for sure.

What has kept me on this forum consistantly, even though I also own other speakers, is that fun attitude. The community of this bulletin board is tremendous. Yes, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, but, all in all, people here are pretty mature, educated, and light hearted. Discussing non-audio issues here is generally better than in most of the other boards dedicated to such issues thet are filled with complete morons. I ask questions here because I want to hear the opinions of people from broad backgrounds who I am familiar with from other posts. There is a lot going on in the world that is on my mind.

Anyway, if you don't want to see a non-audio post, don't open it.


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This bulletin board is an absolute treasure. Sure, things get out of hand every now and again but, generally speaking, the tone is informative and respectful. As long as people maintain a modicum of courtesy towards each other, I dont see that the non-audio topics present a problem. On the other hand, if people like MH feel that they have to withdraw from the board, we will all be the poorer for it. Its our choice.

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