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Pictures of my 2 Channel System


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Hello all,

Unlike many, I have been in pursuit of a 2 channel audio system which has no common connection with my Home Theater setup other than I use Klipsch speakers in both systems. After the months required to purchase the components, and even as I'm posting this, my 2 channel system is still evolving. My new turntable has finally arrived at the dealer, and after final arm/cartridge setup, my payments arrival, and shipment to me, it should be in place next week.

There were many challenges. The first and most important is a limited budget to work with for consideration and subsequent purchase of components. An additional challenge has been the volume of the listening area and producing the best audio image or "live-like" listening experience. Since these shots were taken a few days ago, the Rega Planet CD player has been moved to the top shelf next to the turntable, the AH Tjoeb CD player removed from the rack, and the phono-pre moved to the Rega's former spot along with all the tubes I roll which were also on the top shelf.

The shot of the stairway is to provide the perspective of the 20+ foot volume of the room. At present the audio experience from seated almost anywhere on the sofa is wonderful. I have considered moving the component rack to the side wall of the room from where it started, but it's present center location has not seemed to have a negative effect on instruments appearing center stage. Again more experimentation is good and I'm always looking to improve things.

About the components.

ASUSA phono stage. Not anywhere near one of Mobiles favs, but the mods were done by Tim Tutay who contributes to VTV. It's been a quiet, stellar unit. Performs very well on it own when not used with the Cary.

Cary SLP90L pre amp. I've considered the factory adding the phone stage and updating to SLP94P level. At present there is no pressing need since it was factory serviced before I purchased it. You can see the Mullard rectifiers and Telefunken 12AU7s in place to produce a very full detailed sound.

Rega Planet CDP. Much has been written about it in the forum so I will not say more.

Rega Planar3 TT/RB300 arm. I replaced/upgraded the motor to the unit used on current production Planar3's. A good TT but being replaced by VPI Aries Scout with JMW 9 tonearm.

Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondogs. I hope to own forever! I'm using '43 2A3 RCA, Mullard GZ37, Brimar 6SN7s, at present though I roll other brands and vintages in those spots.

1975 Belles. The wonderful sound of these horns paired with tubes is special. Finding the best location and angle takes time.

Any comments AND suggestions are welcome. I still have much to learn. Thanks in particular to Mobile for his many suggestions and recommendations. These are high res. shots and may take a moment to appear. I hope you enjoy them.

Listening area

Room volume

Sweet seating

System rack

Phono pre

Cary SLP90L

Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondogs

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Great looking system, Jazman! You have some of the nicest looking Moondogs of the bunch. Of course, the preamp looks steller as well; you got quite a deal on that one. Funky rack. It's actually been really fun watching you assemble that whole system from scratch, all the while, witnessing the excitement over each piece.

Heh, I thought were going to get another shot of the system with the Rega Planet moved to the top shelf. As we talked about, the improvement will be noticable when you move that beast to its own dedicated space resting on something besides the hollow top of the Tjoeb 99 player.

Nice looking place and congratulations on the all tube lineup! YE olde Belles probably never sounded so good.


ps-have you ever tried them away from the back wall? The bass will fall out quite a bit but you wont believe the imaging of those Moondogs and Cary when out there. It's almost shocking...

Phono Linn Sondek LP-12 Valhalla / Linn Basic Plus / Sumiko Blue Point

CD Player Rega Planet

Preamp Cary Audio SLP-70 w/Phono Modified

Amplifier Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondog Monoblocks

Cable DIYCable Superlative / Twisted Cross Connect

Speaker 1977 Klipsch Cornwall I w/Alnico & Type B Crossover

Links system one online / alternate components / Asylum Listing f>s>

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I will reshoot the rack when the new turntable is in place sometime next week. Thanks for the compliments. It's been an exciting journey and one still in progress. I have tried the Belles more forward, but as you said, the bass suffers a bit. The room has another almost 8 ft to the left and may create uneven reflections. More experimentation is in order though.

Stay tuned.

Klipsch out.

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Yeah Jazman, like I mentioned in the Email, that's quite a system you got there. I am hoping someday to have something comparable but it's gonna take a little while. I will probably be updating my TT from Dual CS-5000/Shure V15V-MR sometime in the future and would be real curious to hear what you think of your new combination.

I gotta head out now but will add more later...



My Music Systems

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Mmmmmmmmmmm...Yummy! Very nice system you have there. I know that this sounds good, having heard edster00's setup. Klipsch Heritage driven by Moondogs is like the rock group Phish - they are "ice cream for the ears"!

I'm a long way off from such an endeavor, but it's good to place in the memory bank. Someday I'll do something for a 2 channel system, but that won't happen until I can afford the Klipschorns. Besides, I'm still putting the finishing touches and tweaks on the do-it-all HT (cables, antenna, bass amp, etc). One project at a time is enough!

Thanks for posting this - I love the host of approaches and ideas here on the forum. It's nice to see the pics. Nice work!

Especially nice CD player too!


Klipsch Cornwall II's (mains) - Klipsch Academy (center channel) - Klipsch Chorus (surrounds)

Krell Home Theater Standard processor - Outlaw 750 Amplifier (5x165)

Bass Kit: 2 JBL 4638 LFE/Bass Reinforcement cabinets - Crown CE 1000 amplifier - Behringer Feedback Destroyer (Bass EQ)

Sources: Rega Planet CD Player - Pioneer DV-333 - 2 Aiwa ADF-850 3 head cassette decks - General Instruments cable box - Panasonic VHS PV-4459 - Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe (computer sound)

f> c> s>
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Very nice looking rig, jazman!

You have come a long way, baby! I know those Belles love the Moondogs and vise versa. I'm also looking forward to the updated photos of the new turntable but I'm still kicking and screaming trying to avoid getting into the vinyl (money) pit...I suppose if I had a record collection it would be another story.

Congratulations and please keep us posted on any changes and/or recommendations.


2 Channel System:

'78 Khorns w/ALK networks

Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 amps

*coming soon* Supratek Syrah preamp

McIntosh MCD 7007 CDP

Sony S9000ES SACD

McIntosh MR-78 Tuner

DIYCable Twisted Cross Connect Speaker Cable

Silver Audio Hyacinth interconnects (preamp->amp)

DIYCable Superlatives (CDP/SACD/->preamp)

DH Labs Silver Pulse interconnects (Tuner->preamp)



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Real sweet setup. Another happy Rega / Cary / Moondog / Klipsch / user... I hope to have as sweet a setup someday.

When do you think you will be adding your VPI scout? I'm interested in your comments on it. Any idea of what phono cart you will go with?

I'm also considering that table, but might end up with the 19- Jr.

- Tim

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Nice System.

2 channel is the only way to go (yea I have a HT but I still have not hooked it up. I spend all my time listening to CD's).

I have a question for you. Are the windows between the speakers causing problems? The reason I ask is I have the same situation. The wall with the window is the short wall. I moved my speakers to the long wall away from the windows and to me my system just opened up. Sounded fuller, better sound stage.

It is easy for me to do this because the only furniture I have in the living room/dining room is a plastic chair.

Once again very nice system.


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Are you North or South of the freeway?

Nice system, I am also more interested in 2 channel, as I don't watch movies with my rig, and if I do, a good 2 channel system is good enough.


Receiver: Sony STR-DE675

CD player: Sony CDP-CX300

Turntable: Technics SL-J3 with Audio-Technica TR485U

Speakers: JBL HLS-610

Subwoofer: JBL 4648A-8

Sub amp: Parts Express 180 watt

Center/surrounds: Teac 3-way bookshelfs

Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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Thanks everyone for your comments.



When do you think you will be adding your VPI scout? I'm interested in your comments on it. Any idea of what phono cart you will go with?

The VPI Scout HAS arrived at the dealer(Elusive Disc) after waiting since April. I'm sending the balance owed and expecting it to arrive no later than Thursday of next week. The added budget strain of ordering the JMW 9 arm has reduced me to the Clear Audio, Aurum Alpha, for the present. It's not dog meat, but not the Benz Micro, Glider, I want and that will replace it. I decided on the Scout because of some of the higher end table design elements included, such as the thicker platter, better bearing, isolated power supply. One very nice feature of VPI tables, no matter which level you enter, VPI provides purchasable performance upgrades to take you all the way to TNT performance.



Are the windows between the speakers causing problems?

The current location of the speakers does limit the the sound stage width to within the boundary of the two surrounding corners, but the windows are double pane models and don't seem intrude on the sound. This does not mean that there are not more benefits to be had locating them elsewhere within the room. Remember, the volume of the room is like dropping the system into a hole over 20 ft deep that opens to other areas on the same horizantal plane, without the benefit of doors for boundaries. I really don't know yet what else, and how much improvement may be possible.


I've recently found a modest, relatively narrow cabinet piece with a stack of four drawers to keep all my current tube roll stock, along with coveted future unused stock and other audio and system accessories hidden from view.(haven't finished paying for it yet)


The equipment rack is by Furniture Works International. Treat yourself and your Khorns to a good tube system. It does not necessarily require the dollars I've invested to achieve great results.


I'm south of the freeway, near the Regal 16 Cinema.


Klipsch out.

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Nice pictures,jazman.

2 channel is the only way to go.A lot of people think that the common,tiny center channel loudspeaker can create a bigger soundstage.I guess that they do not listen to a balanced,simple and nice system like yours and they are not calculating all the distortion between channels inside the H/T processor chips,extra cables,amps etc.A good 2 channel system can sound as good as almost any of the very expensive H/T systems most of the time.

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OK, I'm back now. Smile.gif

Please post your thoughts on your new turntable combination. When I get back from Maine, I will be curious to see how the Scott 299 phono compares to my AES PH-1. If it is comparable or even better, I will sell the PH-1. I should be able to get at least what I paid for it.

This, along with the sale of my TT should allow me to purchase something similar to yours. The CS-5000 has been going for anywhere between $400 and $850 on eBay, so I'm hoping to get a nice piece of change for it (mine is flawless).

Keep us posted,


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Thanks for the feedback. If I go for the Scout, which looks highly likely at this point. I might go with the deal that Audio Advisor has going..


VPI Scout with JMW 9 Tonearm and 10x4 Dynavecor Cartridge. $1495

My local dealer also carries the Scout so I might see if they can match or beat that deal.

When you get the Scout please give us your impressions of it as compared to your old TT and also your Rega CDP.

- Tim

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Well, I have to say the Ivor Tiefenbrun of Linn would be mighty impressed with a few of you loons as you are possibly pouring more into your turntable than your amplification!

Although the EICO and Scott do have good phono stages, I think the VPI is going to warrant a better setup perhaps. I do know that I prefer my Cary to the phono in my EICOs and even though the Scott 299 has a good phono by all reports, it is not going to be on par with some of the better units.

Also, a couple of things about the JMW arm. This is the "9" version which removes some of the positives with the more highly acclaimed 10, 12 and 12.5 Memorial version (along with the shorter tonearm - the 12 length Memorial got some of its praise due to this aspect). None of the JWM arms have anti-skating adjustment which has been a bit of a problem and could contribute to some wear. They end up relying on the tonearm cable for anti-skating friction but this is highly imprecise (people report twisting the wire to gain more skating control).

Here is a quote from VPI as to why they DONT need a dedicated skating device. If you notice, it relates to the length of the arm, something that is lost with the JWM 9 version.


Due to the JMW's extremely long arm tube, VPI was able to reduce the headshell offset while maintaining a low tracing error. This low headshell offset dramatically reduces the skating force. What little skating force remains can be offset by a simple twist of the JMW's tonearm leads.

I have not seen too many comments on the new Scout or the economical base JWM 9.

You are really jumping into the next level of vinyl reproduction, however. The software comes next!


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Again you are on the money with your comments. I wrestled with myself many nights on whether to go with the JMW 9, giving much consideration to the elements you mention. My decision to go with the JMW arm was after much discussion with the owner of the dealership, who's good relationship with VPI allowed me to pose many questions to him and VPI. The JMW 9 IS an economy version of the other arms, but was designed to integrate with the Scout table. This makes it another one of their products whose performance can/will be updated, with time and product experience. The bottom line was going with an integrated, complete, TT and Arm solution from the same manufacturer. Given, it is a new product, it's lack of time in the market place could return to bite me in the butt, but the owner of VPI say's he is committed to the product, and it's long term quality and value. As is the case with most of my purchases to date, I try to find a balance between a given products performance, features, quality, my perceived needs, and cost, as the elements in my "value" equation. In the past, VPI's product quality has been considered good. I am only hoping they meet that past standard with this product.

BTW, I have considered the Cary addition of the phono section to my SLP90L and the update to SLP94. Just things for the future in the back of my head.(I do love manufacturers who provide factory updates, mods, and service for their products.)


Don't believe the 10 day delay for shipping. Unless they have the tables in stock, which most dealers don't, they have to come from the VPI factory which is terribly behind on orders due to demand. I was going to go with the Dynavector initially but went to the Clear Audio which was recommended as an equal or exceeding performer. I will relay my impressions soon. You should also know that I have always preferred vinyl to CD as my source, with 500 to 600 pieces of mostly Jazz vinyl in the house.

Klipsch out.

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