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FS: Cherry RF-7's, RC-7 and RSW-15 in Arkansas


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RF-7's and RSW-15....SOLD!


The time has come for me to part ways with my RF-7 setup.  Since I spend most of my time listening to music, and not watching movies, I'm going back to a more simple 2-channel setup.  That said, I have for sale (all in cherry finish) a pair of RF-7's, an RC-7 and an RSW-15.  They are in very good condition.  All speaker grills have their pegs, except for the RSW-15, in which a couple have broken off (very common from my understanding).  $1,900 takes it all!  I prefer to sell this as a package.  It does make for one hell of an HT setup.  If I watched more movies, I would not even be thinking about selling these.  I'm in Little Rock, AR.  Pickup only....no shipping.


The attached pics are without the grills, but I have all the grills and they are in great shape....no tears or snags.


I did not pull these out and take pics from all angles, because they are still in use....for now.  However, they are all in very good condition!







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In the near term, once these sell, I'll probably use my Forte II's.  Down the road, I'm not quite sure.  I had LS's a few years back and do miss letting them go.

I wish I had the room and the mulah, I would take those off your hands too.


The LS's are still sounding great by the way! :D


How about we work out a partial trade? You already have a set of 7's....my setup would round out your HT nicely!

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i'd be interested in the sub if anybody is going to the klipsch event and coming back my way ( cincy, oh )

Russ you got it bad, but in a good way. Somebody help a brother out!

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Price Drop >>>>  OK, I can see that a package deal may be a bit harder to move than separates.  So, I'm willing to split up the set as follows (again, pickup only)....


RF-7's - $900

RC-7 -   $400


Buy RF-7's and RC-7 for $1,200 (save $100)!  Guys, I think this is a very fair price.  I really don't want to sell the RSW-15 by itself until the RF-7's sell, in order to give the buyer of the RF-7's the first right to purchase it.  The buyer of the RF-7's can add the RSW-15 for $700....making it $1,600 for RF-7's and RSW-15.....or $1,900 for all!  I'm trying to accommodate....and again, these are really nice speakers!



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