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Favorite Saturday Night Live Skit


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Big doings tonight with a huge Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special presented by and featuring this and that and including etc. etc.


No I won't use SNL. I hate it when people turn words into acronyms. Sheer laziness mostly, but in the case of Saturday Night Live, a simple marketing ploy designed to elevate the show into a sorta-hip (look it's an acronym, it must be cool!) something even bureaucrats can get behind.


"OK Johnson, run up a TOTL on the ASCRAM marketing for SNL and let' s do a DTBON (drop the Big Oee now) in COMUS and beyhond!"


OK grumpy Thebes, don't forget that Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy!!!)'s making his first appearance in 30 year.s.


So let's get excited.


I am I am!!!!!!!!!!!, you say.


So what's your favorite skit, not actor, skit?


Me I'm going old school:


Can anyone say "Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger!!!!!

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