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DaddyDee, RIP

Tony Reed

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Thank you Daddy Dee.


I never had the pleasure of seeing you in person, but it doesn’t matter.  To read your posts was to encounter a gentle, caring soul, a purveyor of warm humor and always encouraging. Your passion for audio, your participation the Klispch community, your presence among us enriched us in so many large and small ways.


I, we’ve, lost a great friend.


Don’t know if there’s a hereafter, but if some little spark, or essence, or whatever there is left of you is out there someplace, then the world, nay the cosmos, is a far better place.


Gentle rest my friend.

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Very sorry to hear the news!  He was truly one of the great members of this forum.  It was just a couple weeks ago when I was thinking of him -- was running through a few things and found a box with his name and address on it from a piece of gear I purchased from him years ago.  Thoughts and prayers out to his family and friends.

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On 1/3/2016 at 11:31 PM, Tony Reed said:

It is my very sad duty to inform the Klipsch community of the passing of our forum brother, Douglas Edwards. I received a phone call just before 10:00 pm from Dee's wife informing me of the sad news. I am in shock. I've lost my best friend. I'll post details as they become available.


Tony  ,, It's now 5 years since we lost   @Daddy Dee   ,  Your Best Friend -----I hope you are doing Well - Take care

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