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RF83, RF63, RC64, KW120, KA1000, SALE!!!


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I am selling my entire home theater system, great condition, just too big now.

Here's what I have for sale:

RF-83 (2 speakers) - $700 total

RF-63 (2 Speakers) - $500 total

RC-64 (center channel) - $500 total

KW120 (2 subs plus the KA1000 amp) - $1000

Emotiva 5 channel amp $250

Onkyo  PR-SC886 - $300


The total price is $3250, you must buy the entire system.  Let me know if you want an individual item for the future, if the entire system doesn't sell, then I may have to sell individually, though at that point the individual prices will still be amazing, but might be tweaked to the highest bidder.


These are very reasonable prices, so looking to sell soon.  Total cost of system was around $10,000, everything works in perfect condition.  There are a few cosmetic scratches at most.


Email me asap for more information, must pick up in Los Angles.







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2 hours ago, Youthman said:

Killer instant system for someone.  

Yes it is.


2 hours ago, opusk2k9 said:

Excellent prices too!

Yes and the sweetest deals(IMO) are the EMO at $250.00 and 63's at $500.00.


Good luck(if you really need it) with your sale.



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41 minutes ago, klipschlov said:

Sorry I wont ship its just too much work, at this point Im not replacing them with anything. Thanks it is a great system but too big for me now with a kid running around..

Just keep the grills on and you should be ok.  B)

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Hi Guys,


I think I should have been more clear, the prices are all inclusive, I priced the system very fairly, but I priced it for someone to enjoy the entire system as one, in other words, you must buy the entire system, if it doesn't sell, then I'll reprice everything individually if needed.  The total price is the same: $3250 total.  I'm more interested in someone enjoying the system rather than making as much as possible.


Appreciate all the feedback regarding the sytem, I agree it is great, but for some reason I couldn't quite get the dialogue movie theater crisp and I can't get club like dance bass music.  Probably I just don't know how to tweak the system enough, but all in all amazingly clear.

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