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KHorns in Vegas $1500 Buy It Now on Ebay


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If anyone is local to Vegas this seems like a steal. $1500 or best offer with a buy it now. Even willing to ship at buyers expense


No affiliation but I wanted to Alert anyone in the area!




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13 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

You're correct.  The first link shows ended, the second shows available.  My mistake.


np.  just trying to 'help a brother out' . glad you got there.  now - are you going to vegas?  what can I do to 'negotiate' a ride back for these khorns?  <_<  if you go to vegas, I can probably make it to So Tx

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46 minutes ago, teaman said:

I'm surprised they are still available. Freight to MI is insane or I would have already had them.


Yep .  not even worth the effort to estimate freight to Ol' Miss , or there might be a bidding war for these . 

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22 minutes ago, dtr20 said:

Seriously, someone offer him $1000. He may have automatic declines on low offers, but he flips storage units, he must want them gone. 



Now that idea right there is tempting. and just figure out the shipping 

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