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If you can't edit your forum profile, here's why:


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1 minute ago, wvu80 said:

Number 10.  Woo hoo.  :emotion-19:


I'll stop asking inane questions now. 



As BUSH said "Mission Accomplished"  ThanX guys, I got 5 tube amps warmed up and the new Oppo to check out  DAVE out! 

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1 hour ago, AKD200 said:

I joined the forum in 2013, but have not posted in several years.  Is there any way you can flick that chromium switch and let me add the OPPO 203 and the 4K screen I got for Christmas to my profile?  If not this is post 2...



Go here and show us what you got for Christmas.



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4 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

I'm date stamping this post.


Oh man, that was a belly laugh!  :lol:



So, is it New Years yet?  That reboot/forgiveness/start-over-with-a-clean-slate thing can't get here fast enough.  :rolleyes:  :emotion-19:  :emotion-46:

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