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RC-7 Center speaker SOLD


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Up date;   Tried to take pics.   They do not really show the defects hardly at all so I  made a thorough inventory.


1:    Has a couple of what look like light scrapes perhaps almost 2 inches long that have apparently been blacked to match.    Did not see them before but on careful look they are detectable;   I have no explanation for them as they were there when I got it.  

2:   The top has a small [1/8] hole that I have no explanation for; it was there when I got it.

3:   Both copper woofers look good from about 3 ft but both have several small marks.    They do not effect the working as best as I can tell.

4:   I have had the unit for about 2 years and it sounds really great.   I have not had it open but I was told by the guy I got it from that it is entirely original.

5:   The cover had a broken fastener so I modified it [ neatly by way ] to magnetic catches.    Should have come this way!


It ain't perfect aesthetically but you have to do a real close inspection to see the faults.  For example I had not noticed the darked out scrapes until today.    I have watched Ebay and Craigslist for a month and seen nothing under $350.    If you can find one better than this one for the price buy it!   It took me a year to find this one and I paid $300.   My feeling is that if some one wants it at $250 fine; if not I will just keep it as my living room center.


It is in operation so anyone local can hear it in operation.



Have a great day.




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