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Before I get in some kinda rut!  Change up!  lol  Nice solid LP here from 1971.  Remember a fat lil lion tamer I met once in a bar while on the road.  Yup she really was a lion tamer...  Woke up the next morning in her bed.  Totally clueless I asked, "I didn't did I?"  She said, "No honey you didn't."  To this day I have no idea what or how that happened!  Truth!  Soooooo, yup HAD to buy this LP.  "The Morning After."  😂  😂  😎

j geils band.jpg

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The "Stranger in Town" LP was literally new old stock! It had the tiny shards of vinyl still in there. Blues Breakers is the gem here a little needle drop noise at the beginning of both sides - everything else - gravy!

Another from the haul, needs a few more zaps with the zerostat, but it sure plays nicely for an LP from `76!!

Either someone had moved to another plane or a rocker fell on hard times..... I robbed that store yesterday.




More to come...


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Round II of loot from the Sunday shopping spree, most of these were $5.99 too Mayall/Clapton was 12 bucks, Hot Rocks 15 but every third one was one dollar.

Plus had a low twenty $ card from them from some of the exact ones I picked up that seem to have twenty less years of play on them!




The Kansas LP is CLEAN, haven't heard it sound this good in a long time, Live Bullet is the other I literally traded with them for a way better copy, good rainy day music.

Stones.. never had that one but most of them are on cassette dry rotting behind the cabinet right now. 

late 60s comin' up next!

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When an album as good as this in not played for a while - it summons you into attention  

A flawless jazz blues guitar performance that is so seductive you don’t want to stop the record 

With superb accompaniment from some top band members 


This album has made my day 


Artist - Grant Green 

Title - Idle Moments 

On Blue Note Records 180gr Pressing 


Another one for my forum jazz music buddy @Tigerman



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