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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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Now an album first released in 1967 

But found its niche some years later 

The music is a complex mingling of acoustic instruments interlaced with electronic that feel and sound effortless in an early psycadelic genre and folk at times 

Realy nice album 


 Artist - Love

Title - Forever Changes 


ID - 8122797115 Elektra 

Reissue 2012 Europe 



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Great LP Ole Dollar. 


I've seen that jacket cover but have never heard the LP Paul.  OR maybe I just don't recall hearing it...  lol  :) 


Spent the afternoon here workin on that butcher block...  Crazy nuts how many long screws are running in every direction.  Didn't think I'd have any problem putting it back together so didn't take pictures before I tore it down after the auction...  BIG mistake!  It's gonna work.  Too much thunking w/the attached drawer and cutting board that slide from under the block.  Heavy is NOT the word for it.  200#...  Help!

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20 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

Heavy is NOT the word for it.  200#...  Help!


Now you can cancel any gym membership and then do a few jigsaw  puzzles to help in the re assembly 

Keep up the good work and it will pay off 


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