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Walked into the room after maintenance most of the day and just putting on half worn clothes instead of getting a shower... copacetic for now.

Stuck on a group I haven't listened to in a while. You might have put them in the "hair band" category but they're more talented than that. Lead singer's got a pretty good range, the tunes are composed almost like each LP of theirs is thematic... one is. This was their first.





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49 minutes ago, Full Range said:

I was rummaging through the older records and found this gem 💎 


Its a great recording that I enjoyed immensely 

Brought back memories of the movie 

That HAS to be one sweet LP.  Great movie too!  

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Article Image

Kellogg's announced it is launching a cereal inspired by the viral "Baby Shark" kids tune in select stores.

Posted: Jul 29, 2019 12:24 PM
Posted By: CNN


'Baby Shark' gets turned into a cereal
CNN | 09:42 AM, Mon Jul 29 2019
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Parents who thought they'd heard the last of toddler anthem "Baby Shark" are out of luck.


"Baby Shark" will soon be swimming in bowls of milk as kids sing along to the popular song's "doo doo doo doo doo doo."

Kellogg's announced Friday that it is releasing a cereal in partnership with Pinkfong, the Korean entertainment brand that created the song behind the catchy kids tune.

The limited edition cereal will include berry-flavored loops and marshmallows, Kellogg's said in a news release.

It will be available in Sam's Club on August 17 while supplies last. Walmart will also carry the cereal in late September, Kellogg said in a statement to CNN.

The song is also being transformed into an animated series for Nickelodeon, a rep for the network told CNN.

The tune quickly soared in popularity after it launched on YouTube in November 2015 and has since garnered more than 3 billion YouTube views.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to correct the number of times "Baby Shark" has been viewed on YouTube.


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On 7/28/2019 at 11:04 AM, Dave1290 said:

Too stinking hot for coffee but I'm thinking about it.  This Diet Dr. isn't werkin!  Thought this would be a nice play this morning.  Emerson, Lake & Palmer from 1970 and their first release.  I won't get into the personalities of the 3 but they ALL meshed so darn well.  Keith Emerson on keyboards, Greg Lake with the vocals and bass and Carl Palmer on the drums.  One of the most successful progressive rock bands of the 70's w/9 Gold here in the US and worldwide sales of more than 48 million copies.  They just did it ALL!  Love my neighbors!  😂  😎




I remember hearing brain Salad Surgery for the first time, about 13.The album assaulted my senses  aurally in a similar manner of viewing my first Playboy magazine.I still have a Japanese pressing of Welcome Back My Friends CD (1982?). Great live album.I also have an MFSL Tarkus I never opened , LOL.

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I shifted gears last evening and put up the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign!  Started digging in my King Crimson albums.  The things I find when I start doing that!  I HATE getting stuck in a rut listening but I just craved a lil Crimson!


Started w/ "Three of a Perfect Pair" from 1985 and their 10th LP, which nearly broke my bank.  Sticker on it was $2.50!  lol  Some cheese with your Whine boys n girls?  The name of the album is based on the idea of perfect opposites and "three sides to every story", or his, hers, and an objective truth.  Yup, sounds like they were smoking their breakfast again but it's "them."  During an interview on BBC Radio 1 in 1984, Robert Fripp described the album's 'left' side as "accessible" and 'right' side as "excessive".  Yup, that's me!  lolol


Second up was a promo copy I didn't know I had of " The Definitive King Crimson Story,"  Rolled right through that one too!


Nest up was "Red" from 1974, which was their last from the 70's before Robert Fripp officially disbanded the group!  It was their seventh studio album.  Ha!  As if! 


In all, a nice quiet evening!  Now, what am I gonna do today???   Pfffft  😂







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Spent a lil time this afternoon doin the cable thing.  I've been using BJC inter-connects all along and have had a pair of their 12 white cables w/the locking banana plugs laying here for a couple months so figured it was time.  That's about as esoteric as I'm ever going to get w/cables and so far things sound cleaner from my LS.  Nope, not debating just wanted ya'll to know I WAS being productive!  Just chillin and listening..









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