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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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14 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

Kinda nice when ya start and all of a sudden things just start falling into place like ya knew what you were doin!  lol  Well, kinda maybe!

Yep it's those DJ skills kickin' in again. Don't remember but that top song mentioned on the cover by the Prunes but that's a real good connector from the Genesis to the Hendrix.

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Now I’m playing a 12” single @45rpm 

Genre can be described as experimental with electronic overtones 


A classic tune called Peter Gunn that most would have heard sometime in there life ( possibly in a movie score ) 

One can’t forget the opening Twang 


Artist - Art Of Noise -  featuring  Duane Eddy

Title - Peter Gunn - Extended version 



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@Full Range

Heard it on the radio first, but that old series is on one of the wifi tv channels we have now. Pulled the first episode up a few nights ago and the music and special effects noises are all jazz in almost a bizarre manner a few times. Cool and ahead of it's time.


ELP was the first version for me!!




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I bought a lot of vinyls of independent labels between 1980 and 1989. I did not know that some would become wanted and in addition at the time I did not have a lot of money, so I limited the number of purchases, but I still have several hundred, I would have liked to buy so much more that I liked.

An example: Closer of Joy Division bought in September or October 1980 in Paris: at the time I did not know it was a First Edition only music I liked. This is a first UK pressing of Closer with the "OLD BLUE?" matrix on side A. The vinyl is black, but magically it becomes golden in front of a light, which now indicates to the collectors that it is one of the first manufactured. It's a "A Porky Prime Cut" :






That's how black vinyl becomes in front of a light, it's an image of the net it's not mine because I did not take the picture, but mine does the same thing.


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13 hours ago, Full Range said:


Your selection of records are now surpassing mine 

I like the lists you are playing 

Paul, I don't know about that.  It's just been LP's forever after the 45's were released.  Many "one hit wonders" in the LP's but now I find myself actually listening to the entire LP.  I always did that but finding myself getting a better feel for the artists.  IF that makes sense.  Many were "loaned or ripped off" by people who had access to my place during times when I was away.  Amazes me to go to pull something and it's no where to be found but I guess that's on me.  So I lock it in and keep an eye out for it, which seems to kinda work.  haahaha  I take a look when I'm ready to play and just don't know where to start anymore.  I've told friends I'm gonna play every record I have one more time before I croak.  They laff and call me Keef.  lol


I've got that "Twangy" lp I think somewhere.  I used to.  Soundtracks are LAST on my list and that's a bunch too.  Soooo many great artist's have done soundtracks, which is kinda funny but, then it's not.  lolol


Off to an event tonite called "BoomerFest," which was started 10 years ago by a group of fems at a local bar.  All of us baby boomers get together and everyone brings a dish, have a prayer for those that passed this year, eat and party. I don't eat anything that I don't know where it's actually from and who made it.   Sooo, going to head out later after the footie game this evening.  Just an event where most of us rockers get together and get caught up.  Local band playing and half will be trashed by then so good time for a walk thru.  hahaha  I've always said when I croak they can all get together and when my name comes up tell alllll their lies about me!  lol  Just a good time w/a LOT of good local peeps.

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Starts out sounding kinda like old Monty Python!


Mentioned eclectic the other eve in here, I'd argue that I'm not really but you might see me that way:cool:


Pulled this out and some of it makes me think these kids are from outer space! Think I hear Brittany imitating a Mick Jagger falsetto in some of this.





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