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I’m going to have a look at the small list of Soundtrack albums I have and play them 

Then try to see the movie if possible 


I have 2 copies of this LP 


Artist - Vangelis 

Title - Chariots Of Fire 

On Polydor - 2383 602

Australian release 1981 




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Saw DMH post this in RTM Tuesday and it's been eating at me all week so today it was time!  Stereo/Mono who really cares?  I received this album from a life-long friend living in the UK who's since passed and it's one of my most cherished in my Beatles Collection.  Their 4th studio album and  this, the 1st pressing, was released in by EMI in the UK in 1964.  Such a great LP ANY way you look at it!  Thanks to DMH for jogging the memory!  Ohhhh, I sooo don't want to start on the Beatles stuff but I kinda do after hearing this great LP!  Discogs?  Never would have known it was a 1st pressing but knowing him it figures!



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30 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

@billybob    The Queen of Rock & Roll in that Psychedelic era.  It had HER all over it!  I think half the US watched her on Cavett every time.  They both respected each other it seemed so they always meshed well.  Everyone was freaking out w/the NO drugs, NO alcohol garbage.  It was funny as crap!  

Preaching to the choir... No craps

Serious.  Cavet had a bunch of.. .

Hen.... lololol

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What a way to kick-off the day listening to the last few posts.:) 


8 days a week came off of that one didn't it Dave? Cool copy you've got there.


Searched for that movie I told you about last week Mike, several shows and stuff with the same title. It's the one with Craig Ferguson in it, just fun not an award winning anything and almost family friendly except for the subject matter. Here it is, get your popcorn and when you take a gulp of anything be sure to swallow it quick or you might spray it across the coffee table!

Dam# funny.



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Eight Days a Week?  That album?  Good God man I'd have to be a Beatles geek and I tried to never be that back then or now.  I do know a guy though who can tell you what kind of toothpaste they all used.  Talk about a shit storm of #1's and everything after their #1 hits...  Loved their music but with everything happening on the West coast and their coming to the US I tried to stay more stateside.  Their world-wide impact was and still is incredible. The OTHER cherished Beatle's album is their "Live in Italy" album given to me by the same guy.  I looked for it the other day after playing the "For Sale" album and it was AWOL.  It's here and either I missed it or it's misplaced or laying in a pile.  It'll surface.  It's an "up tempo"  LP  of live studio recordings and not really from a tour in Italy.  Totally different sound and your foot will be tappin in no time!

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