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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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53 minutes ago, Emile said:

But, really concerned for many people here as many older homes are at 3-6 feet :) 

Anyhow, we have enough wine to get through this.

Cheers, Emile

Well at least y'all didn't get my hurricanes tonight and then Ian tomorrow.

We're going to miss the practice game!

Stay Safe!

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40 minutes ago, MeloManiac said:

Bought this one at the local thriftstore. A 1973 pressing. It was so dirty I used Dettol wipes to clean it. Think somebody puked on it. But the album has a lot of wear and tear, which always is a good sign. 

It is actually a very good sounding record. 







One of Terrence Hills best movies - ever, it´s one of my favourites!

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And here is the third thriftstore find of the day. 

No surprises with L Berstein's Symphonic dances from West Side Story, of course. 

But I'm positively surprised by William Russo's Pieces for Blues Band and Orchestra. How bizarre is that! 

Interesting person! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Russo_(musician)?wprov=sfla1



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4 minutes ago, dirtmudd said:

i bought it just to have it. supposedly its their best album. and it dosnt mean im going to play!

Well it's not my fave. But I'm a diehard fan, have been since I was a teen.


Three lead guitars.

Wielded with such precision!

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