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cluless needs new avatar.....


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Howdy do Miss Clue?

How about a cute feline face with the head tilted slighlty askew as if to ask why?

You know, that little head tilt they give when you talk to 'em.

That kinda clueless but i'm listening look.

I miss my Bloodshot, crazy, up for five days, gonna freak out, walking eyeball avatar.

It just felt comfortable, you know?

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Hey, clu, how about getting real for a change... now here's a cluless cat with definite "pounceability!" I even tried to split its "purrsonality" with clu and less. Just the thing to "take a bite out of slime" in the Klipsch alley.

I haven't found a way to post a photo on the new system but you can download the attached file to see the avatar.

11.gif the other side of HornEd?


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