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22 hours ago, staygroovybaby said:

I love Klipsch speakers, but there are others out there just as good for the same and better prices.  

Love to know what they might be.  Certainly never been exposed to any new ones better at the same or better prices.  Only ones I know that meet that description are Fraziers from long ago that can be had cheaper on the used market because still so few have heard of Jack Frazier.  


In the new market, Klipschorn is and remains the cheapest high end speaker, period.



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Well......sorry to see anyone go..... I will say...... things seem on the quiet end everywhere.....Not as much back and forth....Arguments ...nasty comments...I just don't see it.

Maybe I just don't let things bother me as much as in my younger days... Ya know I had a chance to meet a couple of guys on this forum from my area a couple of years ago.

Even the guys that are not Klipsch owners seemed nice...(a little misguided)...but still nice...Ha Ha....We all have this thing (audio) in common.

I don't come on as much as before.....But yet I still enjoy it...I still like seeing ....Who is playing what...Who is rebuilding what...Even the questions like "what receiver should I buy"

don't really bother me....(much).


So.... staygroovybaby....do what you got to do.......but ...check in when ever you want.



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23 hours ago, staygroovybaby said:

but there are others out there just as good for the same and better prices.  

You show me a speaker that will best this at much less than $1000 per corner, and I will get someone to eat the cheese from between your toes...




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