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NHL Playoffs


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It's hard to believe that "Mo" has got a team in the playoffs after what he did to the group here years ago.

He must have given up on that philosophy of "wait for the puck, when it comes to you do something with it"

Jets aren't doing too bad either.


Pens without Maulkin & Hagelin -- wait a minute....wtf wasn't there a penalty on that dam^ flyer?


Need to go turn on and watch the Knights play, not seen much of them and they are in it for the long haul this year!!


Go Checkers Go!


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Caps #43 is making a name for himself, is Parros? going to do anything.

It's not like Brenden Shanahan is still there.

Pens are too beat up to win it now, they've been my goto to follow after my Canes get downgraded to spring showers every Feb. for WAY TOO LONG!

Had dreams of Lamoriello headed this way until a few days ago:rolleyes:

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Drove past a Bruins cap on the side of the I-405 bridge in Portland, OR. today, and probably should have realized that someone tore it off in disgust.


Instead, I looped around to pick up the hat, only to find that it was 7 sizes too small...


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