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krell killers?


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Ironically enough, I personally have heard quite a few "Krell killers" over the years, musically speaking, of course, not the least of which is a $100 EICO EL-84 amp. While the big Krell's have their proponents, most of the line does not strike me as musically involving or soul stirring. Not to say they dont WOW on first listen or with big works. I havent heard their absolute latest offerings, however. They do the audiophile thing with aplomb.

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I think a lot depends what, you are trying to drive and into what space its loaded into. While a 600 wpc amp might be necessary for to drive the top B&Ws like the 800 or 801 models they wouldn't make too much sense with Klipschorns. It is generaly accepted that with all things being equal a lower powered amp will "sound better" than a higher powered amp of the same design. Even a Klipschorn would need a reasonably substantial amount of input signal if you were trying to fill a huge space with a high average spl.

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No the Balanced amps are no Krell killers,there is no such amps made.When you say Krell killer you need to consider sound quality/built quality/power output in RMS quality of sound alone and built is not to dethrone a Krell.

If you ever saw a Krell KAS,MRS or even the smallish FPB600 and MC650 you know what a real Krell is all about.And then power it up listen and you will hear its not only BIG but has finesse and control of the best SS amps.

I heard many balanced Audio designs,the VK60 tube amps(used as monoblocks),the 50SE preamp and the VK6200 power amp(ah this is my kind of amp and my target buy for next year,I must have this sublime solid state wonder).BAT tube and solid state amps and preamps are world class no doubt,tubeys dont like the VK60 because as they claim it lacks tube sound(ah they should be honest and say it lacks colorations).

To be a Krell killer you need an amp with more guts then the Krell MRS. 3.gif

Good luck,for anyone who saw the MRS,its a 700lbs monoblock amp,can deliver up to 16000W RMS into 0.5 Ohm(a mere 1KW RMS into 8 Ohms).

I am confident my FPB600 eats any would be SS amp in sound quality and output(here again unless you take the huge Boulder monoblocks or the Pass X1000,ML No 33 being no slouch) .I would not dare say it is as "musical" as a great tube amp(it is not)but to drive any realistic or even unrealistic load it is superior.I dont need to tubes in my power amps...just preamps,and maybe DACs(here I agree 100%).

I dont see any fun in a tiny fragile tube amp,I take my solid state monsters any day.And I can always double my Krell as a welder.16.gif

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Well, this is true in some respects. Yet one of the points I am making is that during the 80s and 90s, the high end and Audiophile mags and patrons, including the boutiques and salons really moved away from listening to music into listening to "the gear" and then on to music that revealed what "the gear" could do. This brought about a whole new criteria for judging the sound and the equipment that followed, most of it high powered solid state, which excelled in this aspect but was disappointing in a purely musical fashion, failing to stir the soul.

I imagine The Ears has dosed HIGH on this plateau. But you are right in one way; each does bring his or her own views on the matter; I just sometimes wonder where the objective fits in over the subjective, and not in measurements or SLAM factor, but in a mechanical device actually conveying the essence of the music.

I don't know... I surely was planted surely in Mr. Ears' corner a long time ago. Having been reading The Absolute Sound and Stereophile since the 70s and following all the developments, I was lock, stock, and SS barrel in the hi-power monoblock camp. Although I ditched the specs patrol long, long ago, I did play the WATTS game, delving into high cost, high end solid state solutions. I surely listened to most of them and owned quite a few as well.

To make a too long story and post short, over time I realized that I was no longer really listening to the music and when I did, my foot tapping joy had slowing given way to a malaise that made Jimmy Carter's infamous prime time speech seem all-the-more apropos...

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"Good luck,for anyone who saw the MRS,its a 700lbs monoblock amp,can deliver up to 16000W RMS into 0.5 Ohm(a mere 1KW RMS into 8 Ohms)."

Hmmm - should be enough to drive even the Final 0.3's, Martin Logans, Quads, Maggies, B&W 801's etc. etc.

But a bit over the top for Klipsch dont you think???

If I remember correctly the RF series have power handling up to 250 wpc continuous whilst the rest only go up to 100 watts (all at 8 ohms of course). I would have thought this Rotel rather than Krell territory - and even there not the big one (1090?)

Still - always nice to have an amp with the power output of a familly car rather than 3 candles. After all - how can 3 candles make the homeless mobile?

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Randy Bey,

Even with the most powerful elephant gun you would do only gouges and dents on the surface of the Krell MRS.


BTW the gun blast would be more...musical! LOL


Yes its true I am a technophile above the audiophile.I must have heavy amps,if I cannot lift the amp its world class.SO fat all amps besides a few 250+ lbs I can lift.Even my FPB600 is not a problem as long as I dont have to move the amp up and down the stairs.It weighs as much as me,almost.All joking aside I listen above all to the gear before I buy,if it makes me forget the gear and brings me in the performance...its a hit.If its only looks and build...it fails.A great amp must have all three SOUND QUALITY,BUILT QUALITY and LOOKS.Sound quality being first with no doubt

DJ 101,

I know BAT well,I saw and heard...and examined the VK500 and VK6200 solid state amps.The VK6200 is a wonder,built like a tank and its so musical too boot.With all six channels installed it weighs 200lbs.A nice 20lbs more then my FPB600! 6.gif But its six channels versus two here.The Krell has more punch and has an iron grip in a velvet glove the BAT lacks.Both are almost at the same level,the BAT is a better value for the all mighty dollar.

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I guess this is why there are many amp choices out there. I too lived through the high power watts races of the mid to late 70s so sheer power wont impress me. I've heard some recent Krells and they just weren't that musical or natural sounding to my ear. Perhaps they do too much processing. Anyway, I preferred HK, Levinson and Cary to name a few over the Krells.

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Now I need to see proof in testing.Go get a Krell MRS and fire your little gun at it,the 1" face plate may be puctured but the gigantic torroid will eat the bullet. LOL

Just get an Abrams tank load the 120mm shell and fire away! This would reduce the Krell to dust. 3.gif

Want much more firepower Gerald Bull designed 1000mm cannons capable of firing shells into space.A whimpy hand gun is a fire cracker in comparison.

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Yes, Hitler was working on a similar project in lieu of the V2 but fortunatley it never "got off the ground". I'd like to see those 1,000mm bores. Got a site for them? I'm really interested. Try the 17" monsters on the USS Iowa.

Strange though...I never knew of anyone hunting Elephants with an Abrams. I was mearly bringing the biggest shoulder fired, center fire, non-rocket propelled gun to the table as "asked".

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