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Industrial Las 4 Sale

kaiser SET say

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Best of my knowledge these are 1979 Industrial Cabs in Excellent condition (I believe both SETI and IB Slammin') can vouch for their condition. Not originals but pieced out with Crites CT-125 Tweets, K33 woofers and K55 Mids provided from the late Daddy Dee Edwards/RIP and a pair of Michael Crites A/AA X-overs. These babies have been a great joy in my secondary system however it is time to let them go (I do have another pair of Klipsch cabs I plan to address one day but for now I need to let these Las go). These may not be the best looking speaker in the living room albeit they are pristine one could also use them for a club, party room or large venue application. I have the rear connection plates as well however I do not use them. If you would like a really nice pair of Indy Las please PM me.


My price is $1800.00 FIRM so no need for the "Tell ya what I'm willing to offer", I'm not going to haggle it's $1800.00 period.


Thank you,






Man Cave 2014.JPG

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7 hours ago, seti said:

Not a cleaner pair of these out there.





We walked upstairs to Kaiser's man cave and I was floored at how good they looked.  NIB IMHO

Tim had just received the new networks and we wired them up.  Cranked his big BAT amps and they sounded wonderful!

And yes, I would put them in my LR anytime......


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Yeah, I just do snippets all the time and text them to my buddies to tease them a little:ph34r:


Here's a few more now that I know they are coming through! And who does not have that last one:blush:


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On 7/23/2018 at 6:20 PM, ssh said:

They sounded great with my JFL 2A3s a few years ago at Hope. Beautiful restoration, too. Man, that hotel room was crowded; there were guys out in the hall.



You mean like these 8-)


Pilgrimage 2010







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Say, I'd know those plaid shorts anywhere in that second photo plus my old HK-670 Twin;) Did not realize you had these photo's, I was really studying the back of the Blueberry:rolleyes: Those amps were amazing SSH:emotion-21: 


Dug up the Jury from '06 looking very serious here! I must admit Me Loves freshly worked K-Horns just mesmerized in that room who a bunch if I recall thought they would overwhelm the space:unsure:



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22 minutes ago, kaiser SET say said:

Indeed it was, looking back over the Pilgrimage photo's it seems a lot were lost with all the forum updates! I have a whole slew of great shots from '06, wonder if everyone would like me to do a new post for '06 and imbed all of them? 


Maybe for past pilgrimages not just 06. I have a crap ton of pics.





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