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@Deang - thank you for posting the Deneen piece.


For those of you keeping score, long ago and prior to his current business, Deneen was the designer and driving force behing Paragon Audio. Paragon's 12A and E preamps were considered by many to be some of the finest tube preamps of their day.


Bottom line from my perspective: I, like many here, have more than four decades of experience in audio. I trust my ears. I also trust myself to choose the components that best satisfy my audio selection criteria - price and technology notwithstanding.


Finally, I know what I hear - and all components do NOT sound the same.


Just my opinion.

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Just now, Deang said:

Because he’s an EE and started two audio companies. I believe he worked in the industry for over forty years. 

I only knew him from here and honestly was impressed until I realized he had issues dealing with discussing issues...Honestly, as a guy who has  been around here a while it made me question a lot of things he said. Anyway, thanks for posting why you trust his opinion enough to use him as a reference. 

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