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Waters vs Gilmour


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10 hours ago, oldtimer said:

Then, inadvertently, you are on the right track...


Well....I'm gonna have to figure this one out....  I'll get back with you.


(are we sure my wife didn't hack into your account??)



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On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 7:15 PM, Heritage_Head said:

Im with you, I really didn't like much from Gilmour  (what he wrote) tell After Waters left. The two Albums they did without Waters Are really good albums that I like a lot. Signs of life/Learning to fly is one of the great pink floyd songs imo. Is it as good as the best floyd stuff NO... But He really imo did a heck of a job moving into that role that he hadn't been in sense the late 60 early 70s. 


Don't get me wrong im not forgetting about the amazing solos he wrote and played on the great floyd stuff. I would have never pitted a VS with anyone against Roger Waters If they weren't imo Epic Legendary level (as in arguably the greatest). 


And as a amateur guitarist as well (I realize your post was piggy backing/responding from some of what I posted). His Guitar work is universe creation level EPIC. I cant even begin to rap my head around how good he really is in his solo creations. 


But Waters was the MAN! Dude was just the ....man! His work transcended music into something beyond everyone else's 2ch stereo good time music. It became a living liquid creation. 


Obviously this is very very bias opinion. 


I think they fed off each other (in a good way).  Waters wrote the music and Gilmore did more than fill in the guitar parts, he made the songs what they are.  Without Waters there would have been no vehicle for Gilmore.  BUT, without Gilmore, the vehicles would have been less full.  Critics have bashed the post-Waters Floyd work and I can't see why.  Both albums are IMO better than the Final Cut, which to me sounded more like outtakes from other albums.  I read that one critic actually said and I'm NOT quoting, the songs on the two post-Waters albums were nothing more than a few lyrics so David could do solos.  Well, duh, isn't that what rock music is?  Okay, I know it is more than that but still...

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