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A/4500 78 LaScala ct-125

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Everything came in good to go....Its not my first pair of new xo from Bob so knew what to expect. 


I did run into a few issues... The xo won't fit in without moving the mid horn (not a big deal). But I.... lol.... completely forgot after I got everything hooked up, and left the horn unattached. So I'm emailing Bob thinking somethings really not right lol....


I mean swapping an xo out is just about as basic as this stuff gets so yah I'm a dumb ***......... 👀


Anyways...Trying to compare this with the AA is impossible being that the new caps and the A/4500 change will both make a difference. But I will say (from just streaming tv shows so far)


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7 hours ago, Heritage_Head said:

Been everywhere on this knowing after I bought (78) LS that I was going to do something (caps at min). I've exchanged PMs with a bunch of you. A lot of great opinions. But landed on these. Will be delivered today. 


Ill post some opinions soon.

I have virtually the same year La Scalas and got Bob Crites Type AA "Balancing Networks" and yes! Audible improvement! :-)

John  Kuthe...

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8 minutes ago, Deang said:

The boards are the same size as the originals. Dude - what are you doing?


3 minutes ago, Heritage_Head said:

The boards are but you cant angle the A/4500 in without moving the k-55 out of the way. Trust me It doest fit. After you get it in its fine.


1 minute ago, Heritage_Head said:

Ill show you...


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I put mine sideways on the opposite side so as to leave the originals in place if I ever sold them, also stuck the K-77’s up there beside the originals so as not to get lost/damaged.


Drill two (slightly larger) mounting holes in the boards and use 1” #6 deck screws with a stubby driver.




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