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Whats your favorite Star Wars movie


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32 minutes ago, baron167 said:

Changed my world seeing (in a theater) opening week. When did you first see it? Your criticism is based on THAT movie and what it did in the film industry. If you're being post production armchair quarterback critic, well, that's just funny. Because they all suck.

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Ok.. ok hold on now.... lol


I saw empire, and return of the jedi in the theater. I don't have a huge memory of the empire (I was born in 74). But return of the jedi I remember very well. I know this kinda contradicts my statement about having to see the first film first (I made a few posts up). But whatever.... (didn't have much choice what and when I watched stuff at that age lol).


Anyway.... it changed my world also. My comments aren't meant as criticism. Those movies still hold up today. But just because I like the other movies better. Doesn't make the reasons why as criticism of the movies I like less. Yes... I guess I probably worded it in a way that sounded that way. So I see your point.


Theres lots of reasons why the production isn't as good. Im not blaming the movie for it. But production is part of the experience. I LOVE all the movies! 




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15 minutes ago, fastpuce271 said:

Its a personal preference, there is no right or wrong as to which movie a person thinks is the best of the lot.


For me it is EPIII in the way how Darth Vader was born...  for me it was build around what I believe to be one of the foundations of the Star Wars movies and that is a quote by Darth Vader "you don't know the power of the dark side"  this quote is not from EPIII however but this movie is build around this quote I believe.


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1 hour ago, JL Sargent said:

Most of the time the 1st movie of any series is the best one. I was there in 1977 at the age of 14. Call me sentimental but IV will always be numero uno!

That's exactly how I feel, and I was born in 1963 also. I saw the first 3 in the theater, haven't seen any since then.

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4 hours ago, TasDom said:

Fixed it for you and yes I'm serious. Just never appealed to me.

Man to be able to see star wars for the first time again (so lucky).  In Empire when Vader says "The Force is with youyoung Skywalker, (breathing)......but you are not a Jedi yet" (breathing).....

To hear that for the first time again wow lol. 




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