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Upgrade La Scala

Roby Italy

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On 1/13/2020 at 6:51 AM, pzannucci said:

La Scala is not known for deep bass.  The bass horn is too small.  The compromise is punchy bass.  

If by "punchy" you mean the 140 Hz. +7 db peak, with the anemic response of the K33 at 400 Hz. (vs. the "best bang for buck" Kappa 15C), you are correct.

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1 hour ago, Randyh said:

does the  Kappa 15C give a better deeper bass in the SCALA vs a K33 or  k43, I have 3 LSI , they all have the K43

In 2007, I got 4 MWMs bins with 2 gauss woofers and 2 K43's. I put the K43's in my LaScalas and discovered the much greater MIDRANGE definition from that woofer. Vocals, saxophone, guitar became exquisitely detailed. If you are using those, I would just keep using them. I came up with the Kappa 15C as a brand new, best bang for the buck alternative, which has a teeny bit better midrange definition than the K43, but not as much power handling. K43's are a great driver for a LaScala, for those who use SUBWOOFERS with them.

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