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Not too much actually.  Just trying to get caught up since I missed a day.  1AM here and should be in bed.  Slipped downtown to hear some buddies play tonight.  


City razed our old theater and the family of the owners coughed up some money for the city to put a small park in.  Naturally it's named after the theater owners.  Not huge at all but it's nicely done.  Covered stage at the rear of the lot so they promote local groups and such to play during the summer.


Guys that played call themselves "The Hobo's."  Been together bout 20 years and "shred" a mix of just about everything.  hahaha  Not much shredding actually but a lil Dicky Betts and the bothers, some Neil Young, CSNY etc.  Toss in some country and older country w/stories about the times back then that led to the songs, etc.  


Just a lil different and I felt like slipping down to listen.  How's things your way?  Saw that Collective Soul post up there and think I've got something of theirs signed somewhere.  Who knows!  lol  Waiting on my framer to get stuff done so I can drive some nails in here soon.  

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According to Wikipedia, Noel Gallagher of Oasis once described How Does It Feel? as “one of the best songs written, in the history of pop, ever”. Def Leppard covered it on their 2006 album Yeah! James Blunt performed a version of it during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida. What do Noel Gallagher, Def Leppard, and James Blunt all have in common? Nothing. And that, in its essence, is what makes Slade one of the greatest bands of the 1970s. Their influence is as wide as it’s long, with everyone from Nirvana to Cheap Trick and Kiss to the Sex Pistols citing them as an inspiration. They shaped glam rock, pioneered hair metal, and delivered anthems like this. Whatever else they were, they weren’t crazee.



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This first one carried me for hours this morning it goes on far past the first record that was one of his more recents:



Don't care for his "Black Magic Woman" cover but several of his pieces sound influenced by Carlos Santana.


& these guys could DO IT! :



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