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DJ putting on a dam good show after lunch huh? A couple of my faves from back then included. Danny Joe Brown and his brothers surely did the Allman Bros proud with their version of Dreams!


Early Skynyrd was the BEST!





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JOHN FIDDLER (ex Medicine Head)

CHRIS DREJA (ex Yardbirds)

JIM McCARTY (ex Yardbirds)
Plus star guests: JEFF BECK and RORY GALLAGHER


Give this LP a listen when you've got time, you'll be searching for it afterwards.

One of my favorites from the 80s!



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With everything posted lately... I listened to a few Doobie Brothers records on youtube today. The first when I was balled up on the sofa with a belly ache from he//. 

Now this one... my record sounds so rich and detailed I know it can't come through my pc-rig like my stereo can do it!

If you were at least a teen in the late 70s this one (side 2) was a part of your night-life :wink:


NYC music encompassed many genres.

*Nope he's from Montreal, Quebec!



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