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14 minutes ago, Marvel said:

I've always liked the early Paul Simon songs. He rewrote a couple lines for Rhiannon Giddens on his American Tune (a melody he took from Bach... who took from someone else). The arrangement is different here, although the melody is the same. Rhiannon Giddens has done opera, folk music, banjo, and is getting a great reputation. The recording is exceptional.



She has an amazing voice.


A while back I sold some camera equipment to a guy who was shooting some music videos for her with the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

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Without a couple of the west coast guys that post those vibes that remind me of the days we went to the Chronosynclasticfindabellum. Ya know that sign stayed up for a decade after the store closed! It had a unique shape.


If you have to ask? You'll never get it.


*          https://vonnegut.fandom.com/wiki/Chrono-Synclastic_Infundibulum


Anyhow new to me, and it does stay below 30 hz pretty much.

Mike Oldfield of "the Exorcist" soundtrack fame.



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* hint
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Nothing like the last post here, just feeling mellow.

Kite flying weather today but the clouds mean you'd lose sight of it fast and never get to the point of having to use binoculars to find it up there!



Can't go wrong with any tune you choose to start with from the top right icon. This is one of those good ones you can play all the way through.

Got thoughts of heading north a bit coming soon and drooling over several properties I've found that could be possible!

That and a Weller's Full Proof to tap into after my brats tonight!

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Just ran across this gem.  It didn't matter what time it was or where he was.  if ya ever needed help w/lyrics or some other tight spot in a song or album this guy was always there for everyone.  He'd fire up the coffee in the middle of the night or drop what he was doing during the day to help friends out.  March of 22 was his last show.  



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