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Anybody else up for another cover? No going to debate the original to this one... it's beloved by millions of us! Just as "Thank You" was in the other thread.

But these guys give all the covers on this EP reverence in a R&R way!



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First two were their first radio hits off of the record. I started it with one of my faves. 3, 4, 5, 6 are my faves on this one!

In CLT we had the Q... the Album Station so they played all off of it within a few weeks all through the day not just after dark like the weak minded stations.



& @Dave1291 You siphoned that $ outta me for all three of the Claypool/Lennon Delerium releases a while back. I'll let you put the purple one up! it's been a while!

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original recording, not cut time and time again
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On 2/7/2023 at 4:33 PM, JohnJ said:

You siphoned that $ outta me for all three of the Claypool/Lennon Delerium releases a while back.

Just posted the new one the other day over in vinyl record spinning.  Goals brother goals!  😂


42 minutes ago, Marvel said:

Molly Tuttle does great covers:


Don't remember if I thanked you for that post you made on her last fall.  So thankies!  She's good and working at her own pace.  Picked up her signed lp from her site so that's in the box.  lol 


The drive is there and she can deliver one heck of a lot better than DoorDash!   😂

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Hi-ya @Subway like the wolf-man avatar, can almost hear his jabbering right now!

Dionne from the year I was born and a great Letterman clip from back when late-night tv was really good!


Spending lots of time shopping and bookmarking online... deleting when the good ones are gone. No down payments this time. In & out done with the deal... but thirty K for a decent truck that I could trust for a decade with my SO-NOT ASE Certified mechanical abilities? To live in the boonies where taxes are low and "ahem" non-violent protesters would not tread?


Found a good cover, it's the imagery applied to this one that make it so good. Just not like my original LP copy of it!

*Man that was a good movie!



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Here's the new Les Claypool I was telling you about @JohnJ

Sounding pretty good on my end.  Back to that gold card brother!  It's simple.  Just find it and press Enter!  lol




After 20 years he's out on the "Summer of Green" tour this summer.  Might want to catch him if you like him.  Sean Lennon on guitars???  Just like his dad only different yet great in his own way.  Think I'm hittin the Cbus show.  :)


 Les Claypool has described their sound as, "It's kind of a King Crimson meets Pink Floyd meets Frank Zappa type thing." - Wiki


Give em a listen.  WILD!  :)





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