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If you have the time to watch this video all the way to the end, you will learn something 

Its about a classic song that everyone knows 

Bachman Turner Overdrive- The Guess Who 

A random piano player that went on to greater fame 


Man this story has got it all 



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Listened to that "Paris Blues" again dialed down low this morning. 

Stretched out the kinks, finished my second mug of breakfast...

Looky what was on the left! (Dueling windows)


This is one killer record for any Rock & Roller getting down to the roots!

Volume's not down low anymore, can you feel me!



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On 1/16/2023 at 7:15 PM, JohnJ said:

That's a good one Paul! Some things only occur due to happenstance.


@Dave1291 sounds like Men at Work mis-singing an AC/DC cover.   weak!

Don't know if I'm anxious, or have heartburn after that:lol:

Once is Happenstance

Twice is Coincidence

Three times is Enemy Action

... quote ,Auric Goldfinget

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@Jeff Matthews that's one of those time-travelin' kind of releases!

Pessimists could call it dated, but I prefer to let the good ones like that just carry me to a better place. 


Got the "crud", taking Mucinex and forcing a big glass of water each hour I was awake today. Darn, it's sunny at twilight now.

Good background stuff for as long as it lasts.

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