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Full Range

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Not signed in so I can't believe this band was linked beside that pop/country band. But I'll take it!

Don't allow third party sweets or bad temporaries on my rig.



Think my Hurricanes might break into the top ten rankings at the Sharks site tomorrow!

NHL ranking by points? Yeaaaa Riiiight! Like that's a good representation of what teams can do.

Follow the $, goto an odds site for something more realistic


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15 hours ago, Full Range said:


In some parts it would make a good addition to being a system test track 

Especially the beginning 

Dub is a music production style that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Roots reggae songs were used as raw material, with effects added and remixed. Nowadays, the techniques used for this purpose are used by many music producers, especially in the field of electronic dance music.

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