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14 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Been there many times and every word is true.  Crazy place, great food and great people who rolled out that Cleveland red carpet.  Then the World Series of Rock every summer?  Just plain insane shows.  WMMS was the home of the Buzzard.  NOTHING but rock n roll 24/7.  Swingo's was the place for soooo many rockers and one of the major reasons the Rock Hall of Fame is in Cleveland.  :)

That's awesome Dave!! I would have loved to schwing at Swingos!!



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Watched some news today. If you seek, you can find the truth. 


Heard this the first day I put the FM converter/cassette in my `73 Charger.


This came from Z-Rock syndicated HEAVY!


NSFW - Not Safe For Young-Ins - Not Safe for Permanent Victims.

Besides the cuss word it does convey a message to those that would control.

Good movie action scenes!




These guys are still at it, doesn't have the same realistic raw guitar sound like the old analogue recordings but it might be good live.. just not the same as the early 80s:cool:



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So I turned off my alarm yesterday, for five decades I've gotten up at six am or before.

I woke up at seven:mad:



& I won't change anytime soon!


Well, listen everybody
To what I got to say
There's hope for tomorrow
Ooh, we're workin' on today
Well, it happened long ago
In the new magic land

The Indian and the buffalo
They existed hand in hand
The Indian needed food
He needed skins for a roof
But he only took what they needed, baby
Millions of buffalo were the proof



Probably my favorite song by him. The original above, the best below!



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one cup down

This dim day will get better, but need a break from all the heavy stuff I've been into for a few days now.

Reading technical stuff before coffee is something I realize I won't be doing again.



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Dang, at least it's still happening! Thought I'd missed out JGeils and Naz on the same ticket!

Would not need clean-up after that show, the place would be leveled.

Time to rebuild.

What's Shakin you, you , yo green goblin!

Hang on a minute!

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