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Best method enlarging ceiling holes?


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Slip a strip of drywall through the hole long enough to bridge the span. Secure it to the drywall with drywall screws.


Locate and mark the center of the hole on the "bridging strip". Then use the circle cutter to cut the larger hole; the pilot bit on the circle cutter will engage the bridging strip,

enabling you to center your new 10" hole.

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I used the mounting backup ring as a template to draw out the hole and enlarged it with a DeWalt cut out tool. I have one completed but now that I know how to get the existing P.O.S. out of the ceiling the next should be a cake walk.

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Like you already figured out, in your case I definitely want to use a powered drywall cutout tool. Make a template and scribe it. Much cleaner and more accurate. Next option would be to use a proper handheld drywall wall saw. Another choice would be to use a Dremel with a proper cutting tool.  However others may like to know that in pinch when doing roughwork, which in this case your are not, if your just cutting one hole and don't have anything else available, just put on a thick leather work glove and grab a sawzall blade and a pair of safety glasses for you and who ever you employ to hold the vacuum cleaner for you. Hold the blade in your hand and use a tight grip and some common sense while you plug away. Works for cutting ridged foam board too. It's perfectly safe, but obviously not the best for practical purposes, so don't go telling them I told you so. 

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On 4/23/2021 at 2:40 PM, USNRET said:

They are in just need to install the tight azz grills


How do they sound?  Wanted to do these in my RV, as they already have cutouts.  And I spent a long time running new ofc through out. 

Was afraid of rattles, but home trusses are much better than RV.

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