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1 hour ago, RandyH000 said:

Virgin Galactic Flight Schedule In Doubt Again As Potential Issue Found

Virgin Galactic said the timing of the next flight test is currently being evaluated. But it added that work to correct electromagnetic interference (EMI) on the VSS Unity is complete, and the spaceplane is ready to start pre-flight procedures. Fixes include adding components to suppress any EMI from the flight control computer and any EMI from the ship's wiring.



No problem.  To get rid of EMI, just put some green dots on the component you wish to protect.  Results are not guaranteed.

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Ivy League scientist says NASA may have accidentally spread life to Mars

A Cornell University geneticist posits that life discovered on the red planet might have actually originated on earth in NASA labs, despite thorough on-site cleaning procedures and spacecraft assembly in specialized rooms.

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I didn't want to watch until it was all over and done.


Only because there will be more accidents. I remember the Challenger and Columbia accidents all too well.


Flights will eventually become more normal and accepted, and even then, there will be mishaps. Not downplaying the importance of the flights. Just old age and the reality of life creeping in.

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