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L pads


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I could swear I have drift with my L-Pads and the center stage can move when I turn the system off and then start again the next day. You have a Xilica right? I set mine up on my two way  Saturday using the same slope, crossover point and 2nd order Linkwitz as my passive crossover has. I have good gain settings now just have to find out how to use them for resistor values.

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In the for what it is worth category. I bought a set of 100watt 8ohm Eminence L-Pads recently. I have yet to hook them up but one of the things that caused me to want to try is the recessed plastic box that lets you route a hole in the cabinet and the L-Pad is flush mount and does not stick out.


 The other thing is there is almost a detente feel to changing the ohm value and at least right now while brand new I can literally count tactile "clicks" as I turn the knob. The 50 watt PE L-Pad is constantly requiring re-balancing. When I get around to it I will see if counting clicks yields consistent Ohm values.

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6 minutes ago, Curious_George said:

Does a biatch pee sitting down?

Joking aside , This is a Family Forum  ,  and we do have Minors as well as Girls and Women as Forum Members  , this is clearly Offensive .

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