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2015 AK5 K-horns (Is there a "left" and "right")


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I recently purchased a used pair of K-horns, and I am unsure about which speaker is the "left", and which is the "right".  They are a sequentially numbered pair, and I can read the label indicating which top goes with each of the bases, but does it matter which one is "right" channel, and which one is "left"?  Thanks for any feedback from those in the know.  I am still in awe with my purchase.

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14 hours ago, Crankysoldermeister said:

No “left” or “right” speaker - they are the same. 


All the Klipschorn pairs I have seen and/or looked at pictures of were all two the same and could interchange from left or right. Would be interesting to see a picture of a factory equipped Left or Right specific Klipschorn.

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