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Closest to Heritage sound speakers...?

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3 minutes ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:




And here we go...someone wants to buy some 'big Fortes' and you recommend pro speakers, on a 30 wpc amp too.  Some people, not us, but some people think that speakers as big as a refrigerator are not domestically friendly.  Crazy but let's humor them...



I will not do it again. Pretty sure OP wants new, per reply to me... unless.

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On 8/5/2022 at 11:16 PM, ForeverSystem said:

  First I'm going to have to find a dealer where I can demo some Heritage line.  Have not found such dealer in this immediate area, but if I have to take a trip to the LA area then maybe this fall I will.  




Did you use the dealer locator form Klipsch? Several are listed in Vegas and showing Heritage & Reference in stock.




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Might be crazy but I am blessed that the mancave is just that. But this is what I know from experience...I can listen to the K402 horn at moderately high or even high levels and do not suffer from the "fatigue" that I used to experience with the K400 on LaScalas or KHorns.

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I am the OP.


Just an update.


I decided to go a completely different direction. I am using the the Luxman  as an amp only. And I am using a Primaluna EVO 300 preamp.  Sounds very good along with Bluesound Node streamer. And for now I'm still with the Focal 1028Be. 


When I get back to SPEAKERS they're going to be Magnepan LRS +.     They're already on order.


After some deep thinking I decided to get away from the super forward sound. I consulted with various dealers as well as a direct phone call to Magnepan.  Because it is Class A, I have been told there will be enough sufficient current to drive the new Magnepan LRS +.  A CRAZY long wait for them because of they are new---so we will see.


Thanks to all!

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