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Heresy 1 problem


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1 hour ago, geezin' said:

I really enjoy the way they sound now. I am leery of changing for the change's sake because I'm keenly aware the subjective nature. I will purchase a pair of type E crossovers and rebuild them so going back will be an option. Are the type of capacitor that came with these available new? If so should I?

Yes @henry4841, I think this is the only question pending at the moment. I did not see how old these are.


I will leave it to you, @Deang and others to get into this. 

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9 minutes ago, Travis In Austin said:

I will leave it to you, @Deang and others to get into this. 

I am staying out of serious capacitor discussion. Any brand of capacitor you change to is going to produce a different sound if you hearing is good enough to notice. Change if one must but doubtful if any of the caps in OP speakers are actually what a technician would call bad. 

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14 minutes ago, henry4841 said:

Then why change anything? The old "if it ain't broke why fix it."

Because it will eventually break. I turn wrenches on Harleys. Been doing it long enough that I remember when they deserved that reputation of high maintenance. And I tend to apply that everywhere. Keeps me from having to wonder if I'm worrying about that device. I just know if I need it it will fail eventually. That doesn't bother me. it's when I cannot fix it that does.

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Yeah, replace them now and you don’t have to think about anymore. Henry is right, they are probably not “bad”, but they are certainly on their way out. 

Jim did a nice a job on that page. We speak often and we are very much aligned.

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