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Klipsch LaScala (SOLD)


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3 hours ago, eth2 said:

Klipsch LaScalas.  Crossovers rebuilt by Bob Crites. I restained the cabinets and they look good. Sound superb.  Rochester, NY. $1,200image.jpeg.70003fec44a610030ce2acf57dcf6c93.jpeg






3 minutes ago, carlthess40 said:

If you’re going to make a trip to Daytona Beach or Orlando Fl I’ll buy them. Or if someone near you is going this way and has room for them


Sorry, Carl. They won’t fit in my trunk. 

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1 minute ago, Tony T said:

That's the best deal I've ever seen on nicer Lascala's

Thank you. I’m downsizing and still have Cornwalls, Fortes and Khorns. Couldn’t figure out which ones to sell. I need to sell one more pair but I can’t decide which ones. Either the Cornwalls or the Khorns will go but not yet. 

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  • eth2 changed the title to Klipsch LaScala (SOLD)

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