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Roy Delgado at Upscale Audio Tomorrow with Jubilees Demo


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I am so bummed I didnt find out earlier that Roy was going to be at Upscale. I would have totally driven up to meet him and hear the Jubes. My brother had Klipschorns, my sister had Forte 1s. my dad had Forte 1s, that I now own, and I have my Forte IVs! I love the Klipsch sound!


and.Upscale Audio has amazingly great customer service and everyone I have met there is so passionate about listening to great music on great gear.

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yes Roy was at Upscale between 12 and 2 on Saturday. I didn't get the email from Upscale until almost 10 AM and that was too late for me to get in touch with them and try and get on the list and make it up to Upland!

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