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No longer for sale


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I purchased these from forum member Rowan611 who built them himself.  If you’ve never experienced a horn loaded subwoofer before, you’re in for a treat.


Each cabinet is 36” tall, 36” deep and 24” wide.  They each have a Dayton 15” woofer that Bill Fitzmaurice specifically recommends for this build.  They are finished in Duratex so any dings or scratches are extremely easy to refinish.  They each weigh around 150 pounds.


I purchased these for $400 each plus $75 for the amplifier = $875.  I am looking to sell these ASAP and would vastly prefer to sell everything together.  If you buy both THTs and the amp you can have everything for $650.  For the money, you will never experience anything even remotely close to the output and clarity these are capable of.  They are set up and ready to demonstrate.


I am located in Alexandria Minnesota and due to their size there’s no way I can ship these.


I have speaker wire with SpeakOn connectors that will be included since the THTs have SpeakOn inputs.



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6 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Outstanding deal on these!

Thanks.  If anyone wants to experience the most amazing tactile bass with virtually zero distortion there’s no commercial subwoofer that would even touch these for at least ten times the price.


By the way, with very minimal EQ these subs are +- 3dB from 18Hz to 80Hz in my room.  This was with a steep 17Hz high-pass filter I added through the miniDSP.  Attached is the final frequency sweep with both subs running.




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7 minutes ago, babadono said:


I hope all is well with you, I thought you would never let these go.

BTW I just got a TH SPUD delivered by UShip. Just saying they can be shpped pretty painlessly on your part.

All is not well unfortunately.  Thus the sale of these, my Heresys, etc.  Hoping everything improves eventually.

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  • wuzzzer changed the title to No longer for sale
41 minutes ago, Travis In Austin said:

Been sending thoughts your way. Hope things are turning the way you want.

Thanks.  This forum has been and is awesome.  I’ve never seen camaraderie like this on other forums I’ve belonged to.

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45 minutes ago, xo705cf said:

When your subs are so big, that people think your Heresies are bookshelf speakers=priceless 😉

Haha.  I had my best friend over a few months ago and he just laughed when he saw the subs.  I played the first 5 minutes of Star Wars IX for him at reference level.  He’s the one who got me into Klipsch decades ago.

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